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Mr Qian Zhongshu wife Yang Jiang's death at the age of 105

  • Author:Huang Xueyu
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2016-05-25

On May 25, a famous woman writer, literary translator and foreign literature study, Qian Zhongshu wifeYang JiangDied at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, at the age of 105. News by the people's literature Publishing House to the surging confirmed the news.

Yang Jiang, formerly known as Yang jikang, a native of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, was born on July 17, 1911 in Beijing. Youth in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou, and reading. 1932 graduated from Soochow University in Suzhou, and received a Bachelor's degree, then admitted to the Graduate School of Tsinghua University, foreign language and literature graduate student. 1935 married Qian Zhongshu, with her husband in the summer of the same year to the United Kingdom, and France to study abroad. In fall 1938 to return home, a former Aurora women's Liberal Arts College of Shanghai foreign language Department, Professor, Department of foreign languages of Tsinghua University Professor. After 1949, transferred to Chinese Academy of social sciences researcher at the Institute of foreign literature.

Yang Jiang's first work for the short storyThe Lulu, do not worry! 》In 1934, originally published in Ta Kung Pao, literary and artistic supplement. The early 1940, she created the comedy of the roses and the make-believe, the two plays written and performed in the period of anti-Japanese war after the fall of Shanghai, caused great repercussions. Since 1980, is the creation of Yang Jiang's "new era" for her essays and novels achievements attracted the attention of both. His prose masterpiece of six military school was published in 1981, sold throughout the 1980 's, published in Hong Kong, Macao and Chinese booklet, and were translated into many foreign languages in foreign publications. Masterpiece novel of bath (meaning wash brain, earliest to reflect the intellectual transformation of literature), published in 1988, reverberated among the intellectuals, published works have also been translated into many foreign languages.

As the study of foreign literature, Mr Yang Jiang writes several comments on Spain and the United Kingdom the theoretical works of literary classics, such as commenting on the Don Quijote, the lazarillo de Tormes (Lazarillo del Tormes) and of La Celestina (La Celestina) and other articles, as well as on the United Kingdom author fielding.

As a translator, Yang Jiang's literary achievements, in addition to outside of the Don Quijote, she also translated Spain picaresque novel lazarillo de Tormes, and France literary classics of the jier·bulasi (Alain Rene Le Sage: ) As well as ancient Greece essay Plato (Plato) of the "dialogues" of the Phaedo (Phaedo).

After entering the new century, Yang Jiang, in addition to finishing preparation of Qian Zhongshu manuscripts, and created the Miss the third part, and the memorable day and I go to school at Qiming ventures and other articles Recalling the old prose; prose, published in June 2003, the family Chronicle of the three of us, because of their sincere emotion and beauty of timeless style and deeply moved by the reader, 2003Super best sellers。 In 2014, the 103 year old Yang Jiang's new book, after the bath, published in August, this is Mr Yang Jiang, at the age of 98 after its bath, a novel written by the sequel. Including the after shower, several unpublished works of Yang Jiang's revenue in August 2014, published in 9 volumes of the complete works of Yang Jiang, the complete works of a total of more than 2.7 million words.