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Profile Of Brazed

  • Author:bourne
  • Source:Boreway machinery
  • Release on:2015-09-19
Brazing is lower than the parent metal melting point of solder metal materials, will be heated to a temperature higher than the melting point solder, welding and filler metals is lower than the parent metal melting temperature, the use of liquid solder wetting parent metal, fill the joint gap and realize the connection with the parent metal diffusion welding method. Brazing deformation small, the joint is smooth and beautiful, suitable for welding precision, complex, and composed of different material artifacts, such as honeycomb plate structure, turbine blades, diamond grinding cutting tools and printed circuit boards, brazed tools etc. The workpiece must be carefully before brazing processing and strict cleaning, remove grease and thickness of oxide film, guarantee the interface assembly clearance. General requirements between 0.01 ~ 0.1 mm clearance.

Than fusion welding, brazing when parent metal melting, not only solder melting;Compared with pressure welding and brazing without pressure butt welding parts. Known as the brazing seam welding seam soldering. Used in the brazing filler metal is called solder. 

Brazing process: surface cleaning good workpiece with overlapping type together, put the solder joint clearance or joint clearance between nearby. When the workpiece and solder is heated to slightly above the liquidus temperature of solder, the solder melting (artifacts not melt), and by means of capillary action by inhalation and fills the gap between solid workpiece, liquid solder and artifacts dissolved metal diffusion, braze welding head cold after suspected