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The physical properties of diamond

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-09-19
Diamond is one of the largest mineral hardness. Diamond can be divided into two categories according to the causes of natural and man-made. Natural diamond according to different varieties and applications are divided into nine grades. Geological drilling, building tools with diamond as the ninth grade, generally rounded shape and crushed diamond. Synthetic diamond is divided into two kinds of single crystal and polycrystalline. Natural single crystal single crystal synthetic; aggregate is composed of many very fine diamond particles after re-doing polymerized to form large particles of polycrystalline diamond.

(A) physical properties

1, hardness
Diamond Mohs hardness of 10. Diamond indentation hardness of tungsten carbide is about 3.7 times, 4.4 times that of corundum, quartz 8.5 times, 3.1 times that of boron carbide, cubic boron nitride of 1.56 times.

2, intensity
Diamond has a great static compressive strength (the strength). It greatly exceeded the strength of the application of engineering technology is currently the main abrasive material. The strength of natural diamond is about 8.8Gpa, corundum 3.5 times, 1.5 times carbide, 9 times that of steel. The impact strength of diamond, bending strength is small, because the diamond brittle, easily cracked by the impact, and even rupture, during drilling to avoid the impact of the collision.

3, wear resistance

Due to the high diamond hardness, elastic modulus is great, the friction coefficient is small, so that it has the highest resistance to abrasion and grinding capacity. Diamond abrasive is much higher than all other abrasive materials.

4, passionate nature
Diamond at a low temperature coefficient of thermal expansion is extremely small, about 10 * 10-7 linear expansion coefficient of diamond is lower than that of steel 7 / 8-9 / 10, lower than the carbide 3 / 4-4 / 5. Diamond average volume expansion coefficient of 4 * 10-5, 80% bit of steel. Thermal expansion of diamond manufacturing of diamond drill is very important.

Diamond has excellent thermal conductivity, heat easily, but also easy to heat. When cutting, diamond carbide thermal faster than fast, which is 2.5 times the YG8 carbide. When drilling, heat dissipation is conducive to cooling, but absorb heat quickly burn easily lead to micro-diamond, and even carbonized. Thermal stability refers to the stability at high temperature performance. Poor thermal stability of diamond, begins to oxidize when heated to 300 degrees in the air; heated to 800 degrees, it began to reduce the weight of the crystal color changes; raised to 900 degrees when the diamond quality change significantly, the surface becomes crisp and easily broken. At 1000 degrees, the diamond completely disappeared, leaving only a little close to the original color of the crystal residue. Temperature effect on the strength of a larger diamond, temperature, strength decreased.

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