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United States developed diamond Boron Nitride crystals for high power device

  • Author:Huang Xueyu
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2016-05-23

   North Carolina State UniversityMaterial researchers have developed a new technology, Diamond-like carbon deposited on the surface of cubic Boron Nitride (c-BN), forming a new crystal structure.

  "This material can be used to make high power devices, such as solid-state transformers needed to create the next generation of smart grid," materials science and engineering, North Carolina State University distinguished Chair Professor and lead author of the research paper said Jay Narayan.

  "It can also be used to make tools, high speed machining and offshore drilling equipment," Narayan said. "Diamond is very hard but it easily into soft graphite oxide. C-BN coating to prevent oxidation. Interaction between Diamond and iron, making it difficult for steel tools. Once again, c-BN will solve the problem. ”

  C-BN is a crystal structure of cubic Boron Nitride (BN). It and diamond performance similar, but has several advantages: c-BN has high of with gap, this makes its for power devices very with attraction; c-BN can was "doping", makes its has are, and negative layer, this means with it can was used to manufacturing transistor; Dang exposed in oxygen in the Shi, its surface formed stable of oxidation layer, makes it in high temperature conditions Xia stable. Earlier this year, Narayan announced a faster, cheaper way of manufacturing c-BN technology.

  Researchers first create a c-BN matrix, used to create the extension, or single crystal diamond/c-BN structure. Narayan was released earlier this year by new technologies. Then using pulsed laser deposition at 500 c and optimization of diamond-like carbon deposition under atmospheric pressure on the surface of c-BN. Using pulsed laser technology is able to control the thickness of diamond layer.

  "It's all the work will be completed in a single Chamber, more energy efficient, more timely," Narayan said. "Just use theSolid carbon and Boron NitrideThen, it is more environmentally friendly than traditional techniques. ”

  Researchers also can use traditional chemical vapor deposition of diamond-like carbon deposited on c-BN surface, but it requires the use of methane gas, hydrogen gas and 900 ° c tungsten filament.

  "Chemical vapor deposition method can do this work, but wePulsed laser deposition methodBetter, not involving poisonous gases, can be done at low temperatures. , "Narayan said.

  Narayan has co-founded a company, q-carbon LLC. The authorization company has the technology, committed to the commercialization of this technology implemented in multiple applications.