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1. About tool customization services
1. Best to provide CAD drawings for us
2. We can custom CAD drawings for you
3. Need to meet our MOQ requirements 
4. Infringing products can not be customized
5. Best to provide trademark vector diagram 
6. Need to provide evidence of trademark holders 
7. Tooling costs may be charged if custom moulds are required 
8. If there are any other questions, please contact us for communication
2. What form of packaging you use?
If the product is light, we will use carton packaging; if the weight of large products, we will use wooden packaging.
3. How long is your delivery time?
In your payment 2 weeks delivery, if there are special circumstances, will notice.
4. Where is your company in?
Our office in Huahui Center 605,Shuitou Town,Quanzhou City,Fujian,China