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Beijing new airport terminal steel structure cap construction of the world's most difficult

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on :2017-06-29
From the high-altitude overlooking the steel frame has been completed in Beijing's new airport terminal, Phoenix wings flying posture has been vividly presented.

5.2 million tons of steel frame composed of steel "Phoenix"
"The world's largest and most technically difficult single airport terminal." Filed a new airport terminal in Beijing, the scale is that it left people's first impression. What is the size of the terminal?
Into the new airport terminal, 8, such as giant-like C-shaped column was dotted around the core area, the largest one C-pillar, 28 meters high, more than 500 tons, equivalent to 100 adult The weight of the elephant. Among them, the two straight-line distribution between the C-type column, the spacing of 200 meters, enough to install the entire water cube. The eight C-pillars are just part of the core area's roof support system.

Morning to achieve the cap of the terminal steel structure, including the main terminal and the two corridors, by the support system and roof steel structure, forming an irregular free surface space, the total projection area of ​​313,000 square meters , About the equivalent of 44 standard football field, the total weight is more than 52,000 tons. Among them, the main terminal building roof steel project projection area of ​​180,000 square meters, equivalent to 25 standard football field; corridor steel grid total projection area of ​​about 13.3 million square meters, the maximum span of 41.6 meters.

Responsible for the core area of ​​the roof of the steel structure of the Beijing Urban Construction Group, the new airport project manager Li Jianhua:
Roof steel structure projection area, a simple understanding of the sun is projected from the roof after the formation of the shadow area from the roof, which is an important measure of the size of the building scale, but also represents the level of difficulty in construction.
The total weight of 52,000 tons is so far the most important of the steel roof in the single airport terminal. This is really a steel phoenix.
The lifting capacity of the steel grating is in millimeters
In general, the space grid structure system is composed of regular geometric combination, good stability, but the new airport terminal roof for the irregular free surface, the construction of the world's most difficult degree.

11:30 last night is doing the final upgrade
Li Jianhua introduced to the terminal area of ​​the terminal area, the roof area, shape and complex, which makes the original, including bulk, sub-hoisting, lifting, including each of the steel structure construction methods can not be completed alone.
In order to overcome the difficulties of high quality standard, high precision, high precision and multi-stage operation, the Beijing Urban Construction Group has carried out expert demonstration several times and introduced the BIM system model. Finally, To determine the "partition construction, partition unloading, the overall closure of the dragon" principle, the roof is divided into six relatively complete and stable force system, the different partitions, parts of the use of lifting, lifting and other construction methods.

Also took the computer to control the hydraulic synchronous lifting technology to an average of 6 meters per hour to 8 meters to enhance the speed, the smooth lifting of the steel frame to a specified location, to enhance the accuracy of poor control within ± 1 mm.
Steel components "X-ray machine" stomatal are not let off
Radical shape of the five short corridor is one of the highlights of the new airport in Beijing, the pulp from the end to the center of the distance of only 600 meters, walking time only less than 8 minutes, while the steel construction of the corridor area, the same difficulty Not small. "To the South China Corridor A steel roof, the area will have about 10,500 square meters to enhance the total weight of about 1,000 tons." Beijing Construction Beijing New Airport Corridor project manager Bai Henghong told reporters, The project department customized the development of large-scale complex steel structure to enhance the overall installation technology, 2 hours will be South China Corridor A steel roof in place.

Welding is also one of the key processes of steel roof construction. With more than 20 years of experience in the welding of the old workers Zhao Qingru introduction, in order to ensure that the steel structure through the rate of 100% penetration test, they used the ultrasonic flaw detector, designed to detect the quality of welding. This flaw detector is like a steel component "X-ray machine", even within the welding site tip size of the pores, slag or cracks can not escape its detection.

The end of this year to achieve a cap
"Since December 26, 2014 flight area project started, September 26, 2015 terminal area project started since the construction of the new airport in Beijing as planned steadily, the project progressing smoothly." The new airport construction headquarters related person in charge It is said that the new airport in Beijing is fully implementing the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, implementing the most stringent construction management, integrating the most advanced management techniques and experience in the world, and putting it into fine works, model works, safe works and integrity engineering.

It is understood that as of June 2017, the new airport flight area project has been filled with earthwork 12.88 million cubic meters, accounting for 63% of the total; dynamic ramming 2.55 million square meters, accounting for 88% of the total. The supporting project has now completed 1306 bridge piles, accounting for 93% of the total; completed 289 seats, accounting for 84.5% of the total. Comprehensive support, highways, high-speed rail, suburban railway, resettlement housing, ecological environment and other projects are also implemented as planned.

According to the overall plan, the new airport terminal will be closed by the end of 2017; 2018 at the end of the completion of the new airport main project completed, built in 2019 navigation.
Background link
Located in Beijing's Daxing District, Yufa Town, Lixian Town and Hebei Province, Langfang City, Guangyang District, Beijing between the new airport, located as "large international hub airport" by the passenger terminal, transfer center and integrated service floor and Parking building three parts, with a total construction area of ​​1.03 million square meters, the initial planning of passenger throughput of 72 million people.
The new airport, which is described as the "Phoenix", is located at the center of the main terminal building with a height of 50 meters and then descends to 25 meters at the end of the corridor. The distance from the end to the center is only 600 meters, walking time only less than 8 minutes. Terminal is also the first use of two-tier process design, part of the use of domestic and international use, the establishment of transit procedures for centralized management, transit process more convenient.