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How is a complete piece of granite processed?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2020-09-17
Granite has a very wide range of applications, whether it is indoors or outdoors, small villas or office buildings, you can see its shadow everywhere. Among them, the most widely used decoration is placed in granite plates.

Later, due to the wide application of synthetic diamond tools, This has led to the rapid development of the granite processing industry and has become the most widely used and most used natural finish.

Granite is a high-hardness stone, its Mohs (Mohs) hardness is about 6, making it difficult to process.

1. Processing method of granite plate

Although granite slabs are widely used and have a wide variety of products, there are stone steles, small squares, curved slabs, corners, paving stones, specification slabs, lines and so on.

However, the main processing methods of granite are not complicated. The basic processing methods are: grinding and polishing, chiseling processing, singeing processing, sawing processing, cutting processing, auxiliary processing and inspection and repairing.

1) Grinding and polishing

The purpose of grinding and polishing is to further process the sawn rough board so that its thickness, flatness and gloss meet the requirements. This process first requires rough grinding and leveling, and then gradually undergoes semi-fine grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing to fully display the color and texture of the granite.

The main processing equipment is: automatic multi-head continuous grinder, diamond leveling machine, bridge grinder, disc grinder, reverse rough grinder, hand grinder.

2) Chisel processing

Chiseling processing is a traditional processing method. The raw embryo is processed into the required products by wedging, chiseling, chopping, trimming, polishing, etc.

The surface can be pineapple noodles, longan noodles, lychee noodles, natural noodles, mushrooms Noodles, ditch noodles, etc.

Chiseling and cutting mainly use manual processing, such as hammers, axes, chisel, chisels, etc.

However, some processing can be completed by machine processing. The main equipment is stone splitting machine, stone planer, automatic hammer chisel, and automatic spraying. Sand machine etc.

3) Singeing processing

Singeing processing is also called fire processing and spray burning processing.

It uses the difference in thermal expansion coefficients of different mineral particles that make up granite, and uses flame spraying to make some of the particles on the surface thermally expand and break off, forming an undulating rough surface texture.

This rough granite slab.It is very suitable for floor decoration in slippery places and outdoor wall decoration.

The main equipment is an automatic singeing machine for granite.

4) Sawing processing

This process is a rough machining process, which has a significant impact on the rate of block boards, the quality of boards, and the economic benefits of the enterprise. Sawing processing is to use a sawing machine to cut granite blocks into rough boards
(generally 20mm or 10mm in thickness), or semi-finished products in the shape of strips or blocks.

The main processing equipment in the sawing process is a special frame-type large-scale automatic sanding sand saw for granite, a multi-blade bidirectional cutting machine, a multi-blade computer-controlled granite cutting machine and a granite disc sawing machine.

5) Cutting process

Cutting process is to use a cutting machine to cut the rough or polished board according to the required specifications.
The main processing equipment is a longitudinal multi-saw blade cutter, a transverse cutter, a bridge cutter, a cantilever cutter, a hand cutter, etc.

6) Auxiliary processing
Auxiliary processing is to grind, chamfer, open holes, drill holes, mill grooves, mill edges, etc., of the cut and polished stone as required.

The main processing equipment includes automatic edge grinding and chamfering machine, profile milling machine, thin-wall drilling machine, hand-held diamond circular saw, hand-held polishing machine, etc.

7) Inspection and repair

Natural granite inevitably has flaws such as cracks and holes, and it is inevitable that there will be some bumps and small defects in the processing process. Therefore, all granite slabs need to be inspected after the processing is completed. First, they must pass the cleaning and then the blow-dry inspection.

The qualified products are packed and put into storage, and the unqualified products should be selected first. In the case of meeting the requirements of the order, some granite products with less serious defects can be repaired, that is, bonding and repairing, thereby reducing the waste rate.

Inspection and repair are usually manual operations, but some advanced processing lines use automatic continuous blowing and repairing air dryers.