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Brazing technology of diamond tools

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-08-11
Foreign brazing technology research began in the late 1980s, but because of the complexity of the work still remain in the experimental stage, its application is limited to single-layer tools; domestic high-temperature brazing technology research started late, and developed countries Than the depth and depth of the study is far from enough, so the current progress is very slow, but with my country to join wto, the pace of research must gradually accelerate.

Based on the research of brazing diamond at home and abroad, the Fourth Military Medical University and Xi'an Jiaotong University were studied by means of high temperature brazing in vacuum furnace (vacuum degree 0.2pa), with nicr13p9 alloy as filler, with a small amount of cr powder High temperature (950 ℃) under pressure (4.9mpa) under the conditions of brazing, in order to achieve a strong combination of diamond and steel matrix. Solder is evenly distributed on the surface of the wheel, the diamond has been firmly brazed, touch the surface of the wheel feel quite sharp and rough. The solder is distributed evenly between the diamond abrasive grains and the height of the diamond blade is high. Its durability than the electroplating wheel has been significantly improved, only a small amount of work after the diamond off.

Based on the research on the key problems of diamond brazing, the process characteristics of granular and membranous brazing are discussed, and the advantages and disadvantages of various brazing materials are analyzed in detail. The results show that Ni-Cr alloy is suitable for brazing diamond abrasive for single layer diamond tool. Ag-Cu-Ti is suitable for brazing diamond film for making diamond tool.

From the current research situation of grinding wheel, the quality of diamond brazing mainly through diamond brazing microstructure characteristics, brazing diamond tool friction and wear properties, diamond brazing strength, diamond brazing joint residual stress analysis. However, from the perspective of efficient precision machining, diamond brazing strength is not the bigger the better, too large brazing strength will lead to blunt diamond abrasive can not fall off, and wear blunt abrasive will bring grinding burns, Grinding cracks and other processing quality problems. In addition, for multi-layer diamond brazing wheel, if the solder wear rate and the diamond wear rate between the match, then it will be possible to achieve a layer of diamond wear, the next layer of diamond in time compensation. In addition, the grinding technology on the processing tool cooling performance and chip performance also have higher requirements. And these requirements in the current diamond brazing quality evaluation methods are less literature. Therefore, with the development of highly efficient precision manufacturing technology, the demand for diamond brazing technology is also increasing. And for how to carry out the next step, I believe that the following points are the need to focus on:

(1) To further study the influence factors and influence mechanism of diamond brazing strength, and to control the brazing strength of diamond abrasive grains by optimizing the combination brazing process technology.

(2) Through the selection of diamond solder and the formulation of the optimization, to achieve the matrix material and abrasive wear between the performance of the abrasive in the grinding process automatically evenly exposed, without dressing.

(3) Through the improvement of the related process, in the realization of the grinding wheel matrix material on the basis of the proper holding force, the introduction of pore-forming agent to improve the porosity of the matrix material, increase the chip space and heat capacity, Damage processing.

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