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What are the commonly used diamond tools?

Chois.dong Www.boreway.com 2017-08-12 09:47:52
Diamond tools according to their use of different, mainly divided into:Diamond grinding tools,Diamond sawing tools,Diamond tool,Diamond drilling toolsAnd so on several categories.

The same time asDiamond toolsRefers to the use of binder to diamond (generally refers to synthetic diamond) into a certain shape, structure, size, and for processing tool products.

Broadly, diamond grinding paste, rolling saw blade, cold-set diamond drawing die, cold diamond tool, brazing diamond composite blade tool, also belong to the diamond tool.

Diamond tool classification

1, according to the binding agent are: resin, metal and ceramic binder diamond tools three categories. Metal bonding agent technology is divided into sintering, electroplating and brazing and other types.

2, according to the use of structure division

There are: abrasive - grinding wheel, roller, roller, edging round, disc, bowl mill, soft grinding, etc .;

Sawing tools - Circular saw blades, row saws, wire saws, barrel saws, band saws, chain saws, wire saws;

Drilling tools - geology and metallurgical drill bit, oil (gas) well drill bit, engineering thin wall drill, stone drill, glass drill, etc.

Other tools - dressing tools, tools, drawing dies and so on.

Compared with the metal conjugate carcass, resin, ceramic bond body strength is low, not suitable for cutting, drilling, repair class tools, generally only abrasive products.

Diamond Tools Features

Diamond, ceramics, concrete, refractory materials, magnetic materials, semiconductors, precious stones, etc .; can also be used for processing non-metallic materials, such as stone, wall tiles, glass, ceramics, concrete, refractory materials, Metal, alloy, wood, such as copper, aluminum, hard alloy, hardened steel, cast iron, composite wear-resistant wood and so on. At present, diamond tools have been widely used in construction, building materials, petroleum, geology, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, ceramics, wood, automobile and other industries.