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What is the heat treatment process of diamond saw blade substrate?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2020-03-28
Nan'an Boreway Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in tools and machines such as diamond saw blades, cutters, drills, finger drills, trimming wheels, high frequency induction machines, grinding blocks, grinding discs and so on

The matrix refers to the main phase or main aggregate in the metal material, that is, the main component of the multiphase alloy. In the thermal spray process, the object used to deposit the thermal spray layer is called the substrate.

Diamond saw blade is mainly used to cut hard and brittle stone It is one of the main tools for producing natural stone slabs,

The diamond saw blade is made by welding on a circular substrate Diamond head.

The diamond saw blade must have certain properties.

In order to complete the normal cutting, the substrate must have a certain strength, and at the same time it must not be too soft, it must have a certain degree of rigidity, which is comprehensively reflected as having sufficient hardness.Another important feature on the substrate is that it is subject to strong vibration during use. The head is thicker than the base body, and there is a certain gap between the base body and the cut stone during work. In order to prevent the base body from causing strength or fatigue fracture prematurely due to vibration, the base body must have certain plastic toughness, high fatigue limit and elasticity. The limit is to relieve the impact and absorb the vibration.

From the technical requirements of the diamond saw blade substrate, it can be seen that in order to reach the elastic limit and hardness index of the substrate, the heat treatment method of 65Mn diamond saw blade used as the substrate material should be quenching + medium temperature tempering.

However, the quenching of the diamond steel saw blade substrate has a very prominent feature, that is, the quenching deformation and cracking tendency are large.

The causes of deformation are:

1. Regardless of whether it is air or salt bath, hot convection will more or less impact the substrate and cause heating deformation.
2.Cooling due to the difference in cooling speed of each section of the cross section results in temperature differences, causing uneven volume shrinkage of the steel, which leads to the formation of thermal stress.In addition, during quenching, the steel is accompanied by the transformation of supercooled austenite to martensite. There are changes in specific volume that cause phase transformation and deformation caused by tissue stress.

There are many factors that cause cracks, such as:

1.Original group
2. Heating factor
3. Cooling factor
4. Defective raw materials
5. Chemical composition of steel
6. The unique structural characteristics of the saw blade cause various stress accumulations on the end face of the blade, especially the large increase in tensile stress in the periphery, etc. are all potential factors for crack formation.

The mechanical properties of the diamond saw blade substrate have a great impact on its quality and use performance, and the heat treatment process of the substrate is an important factor affecting its mechanical properties

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