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Diamond contribution to the development of stone industry

Sherry Huang www.boreway.net 2015-09-24 17:30:56
To further improve productivity, various studies have focused on improving the economics of stone processing technology, in addition to improving the output and reduce the cost of waste materials outside, diamond manufacturers, machine manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers to increase production capacity and matching tools have done a lot of research. One study to find out the current marble processing machine production capacity levels.

By the diamond producers, European and international organizations partner manufacturers, machine manufacturer, saw the matrix manufacturer and a research institute consisting of diamond tools, stone processing technology began to study to bring about a new world plan. Focus on seeking ways to solve problems, as well as approaching technology, integrated assessment of economic and environmental, as well as problems. The goal of this program is to develop the various subsystems of the processing system, so as to meet needs deep under condition that the depth of cut ranging from 100 ~ 300mm. Research work carried out in two stages:
1, laboratory tests, in order to get some basic information (material properties, cutting forces, temperature and vibration), must be improved as machines and tools should be designed to achieve the underlying data.
Stone booming diamond industry contributed
2, in the first stage on the basis of data tools and machine components (blades agglomeration, lubrication and repair system) development. In the first stage, one of the key design of this project is to use a small blade simulation to examine power processing, at the interface tool and workpiece (grinding zone) temperature, and vibration characteristics. When using a small blade, the system features and industrial applications feature actual conditions of use must match, this is crucial.

The implementation of small-scale laboratory tests using deep cutting, in order to measure the thermal and cutting forces generated in the cutting area. This information for determining large production saw lubrication equipment and diamond tools for the prediction in the process may be necessary to withstand cutting forces. The use of high intensity diamond, its size is 30/40, the number of particles per carat is 660 ± 30 tablets. First we saw a moderate hardness Italian granite, and then they saw a much harder process of Indian red granite, which is one of the most difficult to cut materials. In the cutting tests, cutting depth remains 90mm, adjust the feed rate, so that in between the most moderate cutting conditions 100cm2 / min and the harshest conditions 600cm2 / min change. This condition can be set to meet the industrial production of 380cm2 / min to productivity 1000cm2 / min of. Get the temperature measurements. As expected, the cutting temperature increases sawing efficiency generated also on the rise, but even at the highest speed, cutting temperature generated is still below 200 ℃. Use a dynamometer to measure the process of law and tangential force, saw the development of the specifications for the tool design and maximum size to help. Analysis and investigation of the wear process of diamond cutting force is determined that work should be carried on in that period within the scope of the process. This is to maintain uniform wear diamond and diamond used to complete the adjustment of the cutting height of the key materials needed exposure.

Deep granite saws processing requirements
On the basis of information obtained in the first stage, to determine the specially designed processing equipment and related deep sawing process. Consider diamond saw blade design, focus on examination of the following tools to design requirements. Specifications and conditions of the processing tool must guarantee the achievement of material removal rate and height that matches the diamond is exposed to achieve a thickness of debris. In the deep saw conditions different chip thickness is too small, the main aspect of concern is that if the cutting parameters phase is too large, the thickness of the chips will exceed the height of the diamond is exposed. In the present embodiment, since the diamond particles exhibit excessive friability, it will result in insufficient clearance between the workpiece and the binding agent, catastrophic failure. This will cause an increase in the force of law, catastrophic failure of the tool. Another aspect of the project, focusing on the various requirements of the machine stability, lubricity of power, etc., which will have to consider deep saw last assembly.