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What are the types of diamond string bead rope isolation sleeves?

  • Author:sherry
  • Source:Industry platform
  • Release on:2019-02-22
When choosing rope saw, we should follow the principle of "selecting rope by timber" in order to give full play to its potential performance.
In stone processing industry, the typical processing objects are marble and granite. The basic composition of marble is calcium carbonate, which contains no quartz, and its sawdust will not abrasion wire rope and bead matrix like quartz in granite.

The isolation sleeve is used for fixed distance isolation and fixing adjacent beads. There are three kinds of isolation sleeves commonly used in engineering at present.

     Picture A:Spring type    

   Picture B:Plastic type    

    Picture C: Rubber type


一:Spring washer type (See Figure A) is the earliest type of isolation sleeve. Because the wear debris of spring washer type isolation sleeve can easily enter from the clearance between beads, springs and gaskets and abrasion the wire rope under the action of the bending motion of the wire saw, thus causing the broken rope failure of the bead rope. Especially in the processing of granite with high quartz content, due to the high hardness of quartz and the serious abrasion of wire rope, the isolation sleeve is suitable for cutting soft materials. At present, it is seldom used.

二:In order to meet the needs of cutting high hardness materials, injection-moulded and injection-glue isolation sleeves have been developed. Injection-moulded and injection-moulded isolation sleeves are made of wear-resistant plastics and rubber as isolation pads between beads. Rubber acts as isolation pad between beads. From figure B and C, it can be seen that the beads and wire rope are completely filled with plastic and rubber, thus avoiding the abrasion of wire rope caused by debris entering between beads and wire rope. It is precisely because of its appearance that the application of bead rope saw is extended to the cutting of high hardness granite materials. Among them, injection-moulding is the most widely used, while bead rope saw with rubber as isolation sleeve is mainly used in stone mining areas below zero degrees Celsius and in colder areas. This is because rubber has better low temperature performance than plastic, and can still maintain better flexibility and strength at low temperature, without brittle cracking.