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What are the specifications of stone saw blades?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2020-07-08
Diamond saw blades can cut blocks, and can also Fastcut stone slabs and cut them into large slabs of various sizes. Therefore, the quality of the saw blade affects the processing efficiency and safety. But what are the specifications of the saw blade? Let's get to know it.

Stone saw blade specifications:
The main materials of the saw blade base are 50Mn2V, 75Crl and 65Mn (some low-end markets also use 45# steel. 45# steel is ordinary carbon steel). 65Mn is an ordinary spring steel, 75Crl is a high-carbon alloy, 50Mn2V is a medium-carbon alloy steel, 50Mn2V has fine grains, high thermal stability, high strength and toughness, fatigue resistance and heat resistance. The saw blade base of 50Mn2V material has the advantages of many times of re-welding, long service life, not easy to deform the saw blade after welding the blade, and easy to repair after deformation. The product also has the effect of gradually increasing the rigidity during use, so 50Mn2V The material is widely used in the processing and production of diamond saw blade substrates.

Wholesale Fast Cutting Diamond Saw Blade

According to specifications, the domestic stone saw blade processing saw blade base specifications start from ф200mm, and the maximum is ф3500mm (the largest foreign circular saw blade is 5000mm). Among them, the ф200-600ram specification is mainly used for the cutting (trimming) processing of semi-finished plates, such as: 350mm slient saw blade for cutting granite;specifications above ф650 are mainly used for the forming and sawing of thicker slabs (pillars) such as tombstones and tomb pillars, as well as for waste The sawing of material into (board) material processing. At present, ф1600mm saw blade base is the most commonly used.

ф200~600mm specification saw blade base body, because of low technical content, the technical and quality requirements of the product are not high, only the cutting edge can be used, and the products on the market tend to be homogeneous. At present, there are nearly 100 domestic manufacturers of ф200~600mm saw blade substrates. The market competition is mainly based on price competition. The industry competition is fierce and the profit is very low. Some powerful domestic enterprises have no intention to participate in this low-end market competition.

Wholesale Fast Cutting Diamond Saw Blade

Compared with the specifications of ф200-600mm, the product processing is more difficult for the matrix of specifications above ф650mm, the initial capital to enter the industry is more, and the threshold is higher. Users also have higher requirements for product quality and performance. At present, the products of domestic manufacturers show a certain degree of difference. Market competition uses non-price competition as the main means. The quality of the products themselves, the stability of performance, the length of life and the quality of services play a key role in market competition. effect.
In southern regions such as Fujian and Guangdong, diamond saw blade substrates are generally used in groups, such as ф940mm, ф1600mm, each with 10 pieces, ф680mm, ф1140mm, and ф1600mm, each with 5 pieces, and so on. The combined saw blade substrate is used to cut granite and marble slabs in groups, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency and slab accuracy, fast cutting, saves more than 15% of power consumption, and also puts forward higher quality and performance requirements for the saw blade substrate itself .

Boreway provides you with professional saw blades of various specifications and sizes, from cutting gems and jade to cutting mines, sharp, efficient, and smooth cutting. As long as you need, we will try our best to serve you.