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Have you chosen the right saw blade for stone processing?

  • Author:Boreway
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2020-07-10

What stone cutting chips to use for stone processing is a question that many stone accessories stores will consider, mainly based on Sharpness and wear resistance!

Stone cutting is the first step from the big slab to the finished product. So why do some stone processing and cutting often have edges, corners, or stone fractures? Where is the reason?

In addition to the characteristics of the stone itself, the chipping and cornering during the stone cutting process has a great relationship with the stone processing equipment used. The stone saw blade is a big reason. Using unreasonable saw blades for cutting can easily lead to stone breakage, chipping, and corner drop. Not only stone loss will occur, but the saw blade will also be damaged.

Stone types can be divided into several types, natural stone, artificial stone, etc., and seemingly the same saw blade, due to the different types of stone, the hardness is naturally different, so the use of natural saw blades is also quite knowledgeable.

We all know that the hardness of different stones is not the same, for example: natural marble and natural granite, the hardness between the two is very different, hardness is a factor in the two used indoors and outdoors. It is better to choose a suitable cutting saw blade according to the hardness of the stone.

Boreway stone cutting segment wholesales 4 inch diamond turbine cutting disc saw blade for granite and marble

1. Used for cutting stone, such as granite, marble, etc. Porosity helps to cool the steel core and reduce noise during cutting.

2. Made of high-quality diamond material. It is sharp and cuts quickly. Can be used wet, equipped with various manual cutting machines.

3. Suitable For manual cutting machine or angle grinder

4. The cutting edge does not collapse, the cut is smooth, safe and reliable.

Boreway 12 inch wet cutting disc diamond saw blade (Diamond segments For cutting marble)

1. Specializing in the fine processing of marble slabs, with good performance and stability;

2. Suitable for bridge cutting machine, manual cutting machine, desktop cutting machine.

3. Ideal trimming quality and better blade continuity.

4. Excellent comprehensive cutting performance.

5. High cutting efficiency and long service life.

Today's stone industry tools have been quite developed. In order to reduce the damage of the stone, Bowway sales has stone saw blades suitable for cutting with different stone properties. Under the premise of ensuring the service life, the Sharpness of the cutter head is improved.