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Why use bush hammer tools?

Why use the boreway bush hammer tool? Make a safety non-slip surface, remove the old epoxy coating. Make an antique surface, prepare for the future work.

What is bush hammer roller used for?

A large number of factory wholesalers directly sell litchi surface grinding wheels, which are used for floor grinding discs, litchi surface grinding blocks, and many styles of grinding wheels are used for floor grinding machines.

How to grind the ground with the floor grinding block?

Metal Pad Used For All Kinds Of Concrete Floor, Terrazzo, Stone Floor Leveling, Coarse Grinding, Fine Grinding Before Much More Finer Polishing Steps.

Which bush hammer tools is easy to use?

Boreway bush hammer roller is quick to grind, improve efficiency, excellent quality, easy to install, multi-brand machines can be used,customizable

What is the effect of litchi surface?

HTC bush hammer plate, Klindex bush hammer plate, Husqvarna bush hammer roller, frankfurt bush hammer roller, medium comma finishing bush hammer rollers, etc. More and more stone factories is buying bush hammer tools from BOREWAY now.

Can litchi surface tools be applied to concrete buildings?

Bush Hammer Plate Tools For Manufacturer,used for making different types of bush hammered finish on all kinds of stones such as granite,marble,limestone,etc

Can marble be used for litchi surface effect?

Boreway supply Professional Litchi Surface Bush Hammer Grinding Tool, is suitable for sophisticated welding technology and can be used with floor machines.It is a China bush hammer tool

What are the characteristics of pneumatic tools?

Boreway Supply To Diamond Polishing Machine, Angle Grinder, Polishing Pad, Cup Wheel, Grinding Pad, Grinding Plate, Resin Pad.


Classification of diamond circular saw blades

Diamond circular saw blade is a more commonly used stone sawing tool. Its diameter span is from 5 to 4500mm, and its thickness ranges from 0.1 to 15mm. It has a wide range of uses, many types, and complex classification. With the integration of the industry The types of Diamond Circle Saw Blades in china becoming more refined. Usually there are the following centralized classification methods.

1. Circular saw blade profile: mainly segmented saw blades and continuous peripheral saw blades.

2. Groove structure:Mainly divided into non-slot diamond saw blade, wide flume diamond saw blade, narrow flume diamond saw blade, keyhole slot diamond saw blade, etc. Circular saw blades with different sinks are suitable for different cutting conditions. With the development of various noise reduction and dust reduction requirements, many non-standard special-shaped grooves have been developed for saw blade grooves, which have been continuously promoted and used.

3. Classified by the combination of diamond bit and substrate

Laser welded diamond saw blade, sintered diamond saw blade, high frequency welding diamond saw blade, etc.

4. Classified by processing object

Marble cutting saw blades, granite cutting saw blades, concrete cutting saw blades, etc.

5. Classified by processing stone specifications

Small board cutting saw blades and block (large board) cutting saw blades, etc.

Of course, the above classification method is only a basic classification method, not all diamond circular saw blades can be included, and there are some special-purpose diamond circular saw blades.

Different types of diamond saw blades are selected for different materials, and different powder formulations are suitable for the characteristics of different materials, which have a direct impact on the quality, effect, pass rate, and cost and benefit of the material product.

Fujian Nan’an Boreway Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, production, sales and export of diamond tools, automatic hot and cold presses for diamond segments, automatic welding racks for diamond saw blades, and floor grinding and polishing machines .(best price Diamond Saw Blade manufacturer);We have established a relatively complete product quality assurance system and inspection standards, and have won unanimous praise from foreign customers with first-class quality and perfect and timely after-sales service system! We look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you!