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Cost 190 million sea salt museum why perennial closure

Chois.dong Www.boreway.com 2017-08-15 09:54:45
"Was full of interest in the past, the results were told closed." Located in the Yancheng City, China Sea Salt Museum, so that visitors Miss Yuan disappointed. Since 2015, the cost of 190 million large-scale thematic museum, it seems that visitors always eat "closed-door." It is understood that because of settlement, equipment aging, outdated facilities and other reasons, has been closed for 1 and a half years. Local cultural and cultural bureau repeatedly reported to the Yancheng city government hope to repair open. At present, a new round of construction program is being prepared.
Make complaints
Long stay closed to disappoint visitors
Ms. Yuan is a man in Suzhou, a school in the province when the teacher, she has been on the sea salt culture has a very strong interest.
"I have been to Yangzhou and Dongtai museum, to understand the history of many sea salt." In the ongoing visit, Ms. Yuan learned that Yancheng is an important origin of ancient sea salt, sea salt culture is the birthplace. Through the Internet, she also found Yancheng has a Chinese sea salt museum.
"August 5, Ms. Yuan and her daughter came to Yancheng, but when they excitedly to the China Sea Salt Museum, presented in front of the people, but also to the heart of the city, The scene made them disappointed. "The floor with metal scrap, the guard said that now closed the door repair, has been closed for a long time." Helpless Ms. Yuan can only be on the Internet Tucao: "full of interest to run over, the results do not enter the decoration, not happy.
In fact, as early as 1 year ago, someone on the Internet Tucao. Modern Express reporter from some professional travel APP tourist reviews found that because the Gesanchawu maintenance, sea salt museum seems to always be Tucao people. User "love jovial" message: specifically went to see the sea salt museum, even closed the door. User "Shuimu water edge," said: "A year later, has not yet completed the transformation, and white ran a trip.
The staff still work normally
China Sea Salt Museum is the only one by the State Council approved a comprehensive reflection of China's sea salt historical civilization of large-scale thematic museum, a total investment of 190 million yuan, construction area of ​​18,000 square meters, on November 18, 2008 completed and opened. In five parts: the first hall, the first exhibition hall (life of the couple), the second exhibition hall (Shi Haiyan trace), the third exhibition hall (boiled sea song), the fourth exhibition hall (salt and Yancheng).
August 11, the reporter saw at the door, the door did not close, several security reminder from the vehicle: "no opening please return." Museum main entrance locked, in front of the bulletin board: "Museum is implementing three major upgrading project , Reopening time to announce. "
Reporters noted that the museum square on the ground laying a lot of work with the metal, it seems that there are construction vehicles to enter. Can be carefully observed by reporters, did not find any construction personnel and construction equipment. In the external visits found that the museum's floor tiles, glass has several damage, several air conditioning machine is still running.
Reporters into the museum's basement, which parked more than 10 cars and many battery cars, obviously someone here to work. "We are responsible for the property on duty, there are more than 10 staff to work normally, visitors can not go to visit." Reporters through the stairs just climbed to the first floor of the museum, they were on duty staff stopped. There is no other exception in the museum except that no visitors are deserted.