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What are the advantages of brazing diamond tools, and why are they recognized by users?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2020-10-10

How to use brazing diamond tools

1. Brazed grinding disc is mounted on a portable grinder (grinding machine) or a fixed desktop grinder for grinding or Polishing operations.

2. Brazing saw blade is clamped on a portable cutting machine or a fixed desktop cutting machine Cutting operation.

3. Brazed drill bits-are clamped on various types of drilling rigs for drilling operations.

4. Brazing special-shaped grinding wheel-is a grinding and forming operation carried out on a special grinding equipment.

Precautions for use The following points should be paid attention to during the use of brazed diamond tool grinding discs, saw bodies, drill bits, and special-shaped grinding wheels:

1. Do not knock or beat during the operation.

2. During the operation process, cooling water is passed to various finished products, and cooling water is not required for special applications.

3. The operation process must be small, not heavy pressure, or excessive force, the desktop fixed machine has little effort each time.

A safety protective cover is installed on the equipment where the finished product is clamped to prevent improper use of the finished product from flying out of debris and hurting people.

How about brazing diamond tools?

The process of diamond tools includes sintering, electroplating, laser welding, etc. The reason why brazed diamond tools can be quickly recognized by users is determined by their own structural properties.
Advantages of brazed diamond tools:

1. The brazed diamond has a high head rate and a very high cutting and grinding efficiency;

2. The diamond is tightly welded to the substrate by the brazing filler metal. It is not mechanically wrapped but a chemical bond, so the diamond is not easy to fall off during work.

3. Most of the production process of brazed diamond tools adopts automatic control skills. The commodity production process effectively solves the problem of saving resources and protecting the environment, and does not constitute environmental pollution.
4.Brazed diamond tools are widely used in the processing of steel and other metal components and sheet surfaces. Such as: general ceramics, special ceramics, glass, crystal, jade cutting, grinding and drilling;

Disadvantages of brazing diamond tools:

1. However, since most diamond brazing products are single-layered (there are also multi-layered ones, which are not yet mature), although it is very sharp and has high cutting efficiency, its life span is shorter than that of sintered tools;

2. Brazing diamond must be carried out at high temperature, which will damage the diamond. It is important that the matrix is ​​easily deformed at high temperature, especially for thin saw blades (it is understood that brazing thin saw blades can achieve 0.3 outer diameter 100 ), so it cannot completely replace diamond electroplated products.

3. The investment in the production equipment of brazed diamond tools is also high, and the production cost is also high. Therefore, the brazed diamond tools will only occupy a part of the diamond tool market, but it can be said that brazed diamond tools will have a good market in the future. Especially in some special-shaped diamond tools.

4. Brazing technology can realize the chemical metallurgical combination of diamond, bond (brazing alloy material) and metal matrix interface, with high bonding strength.