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Shanghai "Alchemist" do diamond workers were killed induced been arrested

  • Author:Huang Xueyu
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2016-05-10

    Suspects Jiamou said that through online learningChemical vapor depositionAfter several tests and finally worked out a self-made artificial diamond ratio with water, magnesium powder, sugar, etc., and successfully produce a small amount of diamond crystals.

Water, magnesium powder, sugar can make artificial diamonds? This is true, but there is no professional equipment and technology, very dangerous.

May 9, surging news from Minhang District People's Procuratorate, Shanghai men make a welder welding Gumou artificial diamond reactor, resulting welders were killed on the spot. Recently, the suspect JiaMou negligence causing the death of sin by the Procuratorate approved the arrest.

   Welders were killed on the spot

   January 13, 2016 14 am, Minhang District, a trading company boss are viewing the accounts, suddenly heard a loud noise, the shop windows were shaking violently, she quickly ran out of the shop, he was found in the store working cousin Xiaopeng covered in blood lying on the ground, with one side not far from falling iron pipe welding and cutting machines, Xiaopeng has been confirmed after 120 died on the spot, then the police will be the scene of the suspects Jia a back to interrogation.

   According Jiamou confession, he was 33 years old, the incident that day, he alone carries a cylindrical metal container containing magnesium powder, water and sugar and other items, came to the trading company, and the boss agreed to the $ 40 price of the welding container, due also to a few times before Jiamou own welding shop similar containers, boss Xiaopeng on the arrangements directly with the help of their welding. The container has a top iron lid Jiamou Xiaopeng told simply welded to the container lid seal trying to be difficult, so pick up the welding of the container Xiaopeng start welding, just over ten minutes, took place the explosion.

   According to the shop proprietress memories, their inquiries had been Jiamou the container if there is danger of explosion, Jiamou its promise, it will not explode even if the red-hot, then Jiamou nor informed of any risk to be welded Xiaopeng. According to the crime scene surveillance video it can be seen, when the explosion occurred at the welding site Gumou No, its standing across the street shop seventy-eight m playing at the phone, so the explosion has not been affected.

   Cause an explosion Jiamou iron cylindrical container is made, which is about 25 cm in diameter 112 mm, an internal volume of about 400 ml, which is equipped withsucrose, Water and magnesium, etc., is the raw material for the synthesis of Jiamou artificial diamond. According Jiamou confession, after which the container was intended to seal welded, and then the U-tube reaction was heated for several hours, if successful, will get a small amount of transparent diamond crystals.

   Diamond is a mineral made of pure carbon, is the hardest substance in nature, it can not only be processed into priceless jewels in the industry has also been widely used. Synthetic Diamond Using the transient static or dynamic ultrahigh temperature technology, graphite and other carbonaceous materials converted directly from the solid or molten state into a diamond, the high temperature and pressure conditions are harsh, generally non-professional equipment can not be achieved.

   He has made a small diamond crystal

   Jiamou said he was in high school during the period of the chemical interested. By chance, he saw not only the Internet can be used as diamond drill bits and other tools that can be used to make more diamonds, he began on the Internet for relevant information, and combining the basic theory of chemistry previously learned, began to study how self-made diamond for profit, do a self "Alchemist."

  He saw online diamond special containers are manufactured autoclave, the container can withstand high pressure, can be automatically pressurized and heated without causing leakage, but expensive. To reduce costs, the reactor according to his principles, plus ways to get seamless steel tubes welded iron plates sealed on both sides of the production vessel is heated reactions.

   Raw materials, Jiamou said diamond chemical composition is mainly carbon, water and sugar as long as there is remaining carbon is removed, so he tried to sucrose is heated, in any case can not produce diamond crystals. Later, through online learning chemical vapor deposition, he was found to be the lack of effect of hydrogen, after several tests, it finally worked out a self-made artificial diamond ratio with water, magnesium powder, sugar, etc., and successfully produce a small amount of diamond crystals.

   Jiamou said how welded steel pipe seal is the most intractable problems, the dangerous part of the slightest mistake could happen. Due to the lack of welding machines, welding and no qualifications and technology, he found closer to home, a trading company, with the boss agreed to the price of every three to four yuan to the welding process the container, until the incident, Jia a has repeatedly been welded to the store, I did not expect to eventually led to such serious consequences.

According to the relevant professional experts, carried out when welding and cutting operations, especially when gas cutting, since the jet of compressed air or oxygen flow, so that Mars, melting beads and iron slag splash, when the operating environment in the presence of flammable, explosive materials or gas, the fire and explosion may occur.
Procuratorates and public security organs in the interrogation, confessed Jiamou admit, magnesium homemade vessel by reducing the water hydrogen atoms will produce a high concentration of hydrogen, is heated in a sealed environment is extremely flammable, and its self-welded steel pipe for the heating process the risk is very knowingly, simply because several attempts have no problem, you have the chances, ignoring the basic security risks, and ultimately led to the tragedy.
  Recently,ShanghaiCity Minhang District People's Procuratorate on criminal suspects JiaMou negligence causing death approved the arrest.