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The world's second largest diamond unsold London

  • Author:Sherry Huang
  • Release on:2016-07-05

  The world's largest discovery since more than a centuryRough diamondLondon auction house Sotheby's auctioned However, due to overpriced, Fengyun 1109 kt white diamond turned Liupai.

The world's largest diamond is the Cullinan diamond. Its weight is 3106 kt. It was January 25, 1905, found in the Transvaal, South Africa in Pretoria, a diamond mine, known as the "Star of Africa." Ranked the world's second largest diamond, the size of tennis Fengyun gem last fall in Lukla Diamonds is located in a Botswana diamond mine was discovered, it was named "Lesedi La Rona"In Tswana is" our light "means.

In May 2016,Lukla DiamondsWho by way of private transactions, at a price of $ 63 million sale of a 813 kt original stone, setting a record per carat for about $ 77,500. According to the reference price, the company originally expected to sell Lukla Fengyun 1109 kt of rough diamonds will reach US $ 86 million. But in fact, the highest bid of the evening public auction only $ 61 million, even lower than the minimum price set by the seller, so contrary to all expectation, the original stone diamond Liupai.