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Japan's frequent theft succulents great loss

  • Author:Huang Xueyu
  • Release on:2016-07-07

  According to Japanese media reports, originating inSouth AfricaSucculents as ornamental plants tail orchid high popularity, individual species compared with five years ago, the highest market price rose by 100 times.

On the other hand, Japan's horticultural field around frequently lately tail orchid theft occurred. In this regard, Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture Police are stepping up the Truth.

It was established by the Japanese tail orchid lovers Association (Aichi) presentation, the size of the blue tail of about 5 to 10 centimeters, the tail can be sold cultivated an orchid needs nearly 10 years. Tail orchid sales channels mainly in the Internet, palm-sized pot price should be 100,000 yen (about 6600 yuan) around.

along withBlue tailThe rising popularity of cases occur stole advanced varieties more than thieves sneaked into the night, greenhouses and other parts of Japan since last summer. Wherein the tool also to cut greenhouse, which stole the case of thousands of seedlings. Growers fitted with sensors and other safety equipment to strengthen security, but thieves still find loopholes often succeed, it is hard to detect.

So far Japan has confirmed that the country similar theft occurred 19 cases, losses of up to about 1.4 billion yen. Secretary General of the Association of Japanese blue tail Lin Yayan this angrily said: "The tail orchid growers is made painstaking efforts for victims of the mood is very low, this is inexcusable behavior."