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Powder Introduction

  • Author:Huang Xueyu
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2016-07-04
  More than one polycrystalline diamond powder

Polycrystalline diamondUnder transient strong shock wave formed by the explosion synthesis. It is composed of nanocrystals micron and submicron hardness polycrystalline, isotropic polycrystalline due, no cleavage plane, impact resistance, high flexural strength, and therefore it has both superhard materials, while both nano materials exceptional high strength and high toughness. Which constitute the dual advantages of its unique physical properties, have important applications in high-tech industries and pillar industries.

Uses: mainly used in chip optical crystal \ ultra-fine processing, large-scale ultra-fine polishing silicon wafers, surface modification and other fields, spherical polycrystalline diamond powder gray-black appearance, slightly metallic luster.

2 single crystal diamond powder

Monocrystalline diamond powder crystal shape of the rules, complete six - octahedron, has high strength, toughness and good thermal stability, impact resistance ability. Main uses: for electroplating products, grinding wheel, grinding wheel manufacture, for high-grade stone polishing, engraving, automotive glass, high-grade furniture, ceramics,Hard alloy, Magnetic materials processing.

3 nano-diamond powder

Nano diamond powder not only has the inherent properties of diamond, and has a small effect size, large specific surface area effect, quantum size effect, and thus exhibit characteristics of nanomaterials. In such a detonation wave synthesized diamond cubic structure having a lattice constant (0.3562 0.0003) nm, the crystal density of 3.1 g / cm3, a specific surface area of ​​300 m2 / g ~ 390 m2 / g. After different chemical treatment, the surface of the diamond can form a variety of different functional groups, such diamond crystal has a high adsorption capacity.

Nano-diamond for other purposes: A, the preparation of advanced polishing paste and polishing liquid for ultra-fine processing of quartz, optical glass, semiconductors, alloys and metal surfaces. B, catalyst preparation:Nano-diamondAnd amorphous carbon, a large specific surface area, containing a wide variety of surface functional groups, very active, with a formulated catalyst can improve the activity data for promoting interaction of organic compounds. C, nanocomposite structural materials: the nano-diamond and nano silica fume, and a variety of nano-nano-ceramic metal composite can be produced a new type of nano-structured materials, because of its unique properties, can manufacture semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and components computer parts.