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How are tiles cut?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2020-04-23
Saw Blade Advantage:
1.The cold pressing sintering process is not easy to break and deform,
2.The blade is extremely sharp, the cutting is not jittering, the cutting is fast, and the cutting effect is good;
3.High safety saw blade cutting chip removal effect is good, cutting efficiency is high, which belongs to a cost-effective saw blade.

There are five common types of ceramic tiles: vitrified tiles, glazed tiles, full-body tiles, polished tiles and ceramic mosaic tiles.

Tile saw blade

(1) Vitrified bricks, porcelain bricks fired at high temperature, with high hardness, mainly used for ground laying

Tile saw blade

(2) glazed tiles, which are made of pottery or porcelain glaze and fired, are mainly used for decoration of walls of bathrooms, kitchens, countertops of kitchens and closed balconies.

Tile saw blade

(3) Body brick, this kind of brick is not glazed, and the surface is polished after firing, and it has patterns on both inside and outside. It is widely used in the floor of decoration projects such as halls, aisles and outdoor walkways.

Tile saw blade

(4) Polished tiles, made of polished whole tiles, thin and light but hard, suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens.

Tile saw blade

(5) Ceramic mosaic tiles: also known as mosaics, with many specifications, thin and small, hard texture, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, no water seepage, strong pressure resistance, not easy to break, broken, colorful, and widely used. Commonly used for decoration of walls of kitchens and bathrooms.

Tile saw blademainly corrugated sheet, can also be directly called tile cutting sheetor ceramic cutting blades, you can also use keyhole key saw blades, grid staggered saw blades, etc.

Tile saw blade

Tiles can use tile cutting needles, tile cutting blades, portable cutting machine, push gold head cutting machine, water jet cutting machine for cutting. If the volume is not particularly large, then if the tile is thin, you can choose to use a tile cutting pin. If the volume is large and the tiles are thick, use cutting tools such as tile cutters for cutting.

The first step of the manual tile cutter is to position, move the ruler to select the cutting size, hold the operating handle with one hand, pull the cutter wheel to the rear seat, place the tile flat on the bottom plate and cut the line with the tile The bottom beam is aligned, and the front end of the ceramic tile should be against the notch of the bottom plate; the second step is to draw the line, lower the handle to make the cutter wheel contact the surface of the tile, and push the handle forward to make the cutter wheel cut a continuous and uniform straight line The third step is to press down, raise the operating handle and pull it back slightly, so that the pressing block can be placed on the front of the tile smoothly. Press the operating handle down with appropriate force and the tiles will break along the scribe line.

Note: Whether the marking is uniform, continuous and clear from beginning to end, the key to whether the tiles can be cut well. The cutter wheel is made of special cemented carbide, its hardness far exceeds the hardness of the ceramic tile surface. Therefore, in general, as long as you hold the handle with a small force and gently push the cutter wheel smoothly, you can draw a cutting line on the surface of the tile. In the process of cutting the tiles, as long as the force is not on the line, this is the same reason as breaking the glass.
Excessive hard scribing will not only make the cutting line jagged, but also cause the yellow edge of the superhard alloy of the cutter wheel to collapse, greatly reducing the normal service life of the cutter wheel.

For manual cutting, the first step is to use a metal cutter to draw a cutting line at the cutting position of the tile surface. The second step is to flip the tile, with the back facing up, and place the line on a hard flat corner. The plane is suspended, and two hands are placed on the two ends of the tile, and the shape can be formed by breaking it.

First move the ruler to select the size of the cut, hold the operating handle with one hand, pull the cutter wheel to the back seat, then lay the tile flat on the bottom plate and align the cutting line of the tile with the beam of the bottom plate. The front end of the must also lean against the notch of the bottom plate.

1. If necessary, unfold the bracket, and then lower the handle to make the cutter wheel make surface contact with the tile, and push the handle forward to make the cutter wheel cut a continuous and uniform straight line on the tile surface.

2. Raise the operating handle and pull it back slightly, so that the pressing block can be placed on the front of the tile smoothly. Press the operating handle down with appropriate force, the tiles will be broken along the scribe line