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An Analysis of the Development of China 's Diamond Line and Its Future

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-09-04
In recent years, with China as a global LED and solar photovoltaic manufacturing center, solar silicon material cutting industry has undergone major changes, diamond cutting technology to replace the traditional way to accelerate the pace of cutting mortar. Diamond line of huge demand, the rapid growth of domestic brands will continue to optimize the industry competitive environment, to promote the development of related industries.
Diamond wire is a high hardness, high wear resistance of the diamond powder consolidation in the wire, for the cutting of semiconductor materials processing. In the cutting process, through the abrasive and crystal two-bit wear, the implementation of the crystal cutting, processing surface damage is small, distorted small, fast, high efficiency, long life. (TOW), warpage (WARP) is small, parallelism (TAPER) is good, the total thickness tolerance (TTV) is small, the cutting edge of the cutting loss is small, the surface of the cutting The damage layer is shallow and the wafer surface roughness is small. Products include a wide range of semiconductor materials, such as silicon, germanium, lithium tantalate, lithium silicate, gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, artificial gemstones, silicon carbide and quartz glass, alumina and other precision materials cutting.
According to the new world published "2017-2021 China Diamond Line industry environment and investment prospects forecast analysis report" shows that the diamond line from the United States and Japan and other developed countries, the main international competition enterprises concentrated in these countries. Among them, the United States DMT, Japan Asahi Diamond Industry Co., Ltd. (Asahi), Japan Joint Materials Co., Ltd. (ALMT), and other enterprises in the field of diamond wire manufacturing in the world's leading position, occupy the majority of the global market share.
After years of development, China's diamond line also appeared in some technical advantages of obvious enterprises, such as Dai Lai new material. With the Chinese enterprises continue to technological innovation, the Japanese brand is weakening, but monocrystalline silicon slices with diamond lines are still monopolized by the Japanese brand supply China market.
New industry industry analysts pointed out that at present, China's domestic diamond line brand development is uneven, Dai Lai new materials with leading technology to occupy a larger market share. Nanjing three super, Yu diamond, the new large new materials and other enterprises market size is also growing. Other enterprises have just entered the international enterprises and local enterprises in the competition, due to lack of product competitive advantage, the development rate is relatively slow. Return to see more