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National football World Cup dream broken? Not over, over 70% chance to qualify for the World

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-09-05
Beijing time on September 5 23: 00,2018 Russia World Cup qualifier Asia third stage (12 strong) A group ushered in the final round of competition. Chinese team away to challenge Qatar team. With Xiao Zhi and Wu Lei's goal, the national football away to beat Qatar. But Uzbekistan home draw South Korea, Syria away draw with Iran, the Chinese team completely missed the 2018 World Cup.

National football once again missed the World Cup, sad is not only the hard work of those players, but also countless silent support in the back of the Chinese team fans. Although the words of the "World Cup", the Chinese fans are mostly joking words, but this seemingly out of reach, and slightly heavy dreams, in our hearts have not faded, we always journeying forward That day, to once again realize the dream of the World Cup, watching the stadium once again flying from the five-star red flag.

"China football has any good-looking", "the Chinese team on this level will never enter the World Cup", "killing will not see the national football," for various reasons, our national team strength, in this only fruit Project, the national football is no doubt back to become a joke. Once upon a time, the national football and even the social pastime, Spring Festival Evening to take them happy, as well as "football enough tofu," this almost insulting cases, and even our fans themselves are constantly ridiculing the national team ...

The so-called love of the deep responsibility of the cut, this series of seemingly contradictory phenomenon reflects the true love of the fans, extremes meet, love to the extreme, once the wound is the pain to the extreme, hate to the extreme. Speaking of these words is that we, but the language can never conceal the instinct of honesty, every time a national football game, we always turn on the TV, always go to the stadium, to see this belongs to their own national football team, which is A difficult to break away the complex, but also an irreplaceable emotion.

World Cup 12 finals, the Chinese men's soccer home 1-0 victory over Uzbekistan, the whole country up and down a jubilant. Although the national football qualifying rate has been only the theory may be, but the fans did not give up watching the game after the game according to the relevant data show that the national football game ratings reached 3.22%, the market share of 10.78%, that is, About 45 million people watch the TV in front of the TV to watch live, can be described as the ratings explosion.

The most recent national football Asian Cup knockout Chinese and Australian war last night the highest number of viewers up to 170 million, the highest in nearly 10 years the Chinese team highest ratings, after 14 years World Cup final. Throughout the ratings list, the national football in the top ten ratings accounted for four seats, and in March this year, the national football in China and South Korea set a record number of 124 million viewers.

But I believe that watching the fans last night even if the team out of the team will not be too disappointed, the national football played their own momentum, no longer like the previous lag is equal to give up, the successful completion of the reverse, do the best of their own, Lippi start In addition to 0-1 small negative Iran, every game has a great chance to win, not to mention if not Jiang Zhipeng mistakes, it is likely to take a point in Iran, if the Skin preliminaries began to lead the national football, take the group second direct promotion World Cup is not a dream.

Beijing time on January 10, FIFA officially announced that from the 2026 World Cup, the World Cup team will expand to 48 teams. By then, the group stage will be divided into 16 groups, each team 3 teams. As a result, the number of games in the World Cup will increase from 64 to 80 games. If the increase to 48 may be more than 2 places in Asia, is now 4.5, more than 2 will become 6.5 or 7, and now 12 teams each team 6 teams, for two qualifying places, the group third Play the playoffs, if you add 2 places, 12 teams each group qualify three teams, this program will be in 2026, the implementation of the World Cup in Qatar, leaving a lot of time for Chinese football, enough for a group of players to grow and sing The

Football Association u23 New Deal played a positive role, regardless of how they play, at least we are in the field to see a real number of young force debut! Out of this step, in the field to see them, the valuable oneself should be considered A step forward. Have to admit that, with this policy, these people have the opportunity to show their face! And which, like Chen Zhipeng, Tang Shi, Huang Zhengyu, Gao Zhiyi, Wei Shihao and other new forces have a good play, U23 New Deal introduced and implemented, Do not attach importance to youth training work of the club began to increase investment in this area, the next effort. Otherwise this position is no one available, as the team short board, will directly affect the first team results, more harm than good. The major professional clubs are paying attention to youth training, and no longer just hit the first team in the team, the overall level of Chinese football youth will gradually improve, will have more good seedling emerged. Although it is not immediately to see the results, but can not deny the implementation of the New Deal, absolutely strong and promote the promotion of the Chinese football youth industry.For the Chinese people, everyone has a World Cup dream, not expect to go far, but hope that the flag can drift in the pitch, the national anthem can shake the audience. To 2026, now and later years the development of training young players is playing the year, the Chinese team over 70% chance to enter the World Cup is not nonsense, plus 2026 expansion, that the national football into the World Cup is not a hand to capture?