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D150X4TXM16 bush hammered slate bush hammer in abrasive tools diamond bush hammerD150X4TXM16 bush hammered slate bush hammer in abrasive tools diamond bush hammer

D150X4TXM16 bush hammered slate bush hammer in abrasive tools diamond bush hammer

  • Model:BW-BHP-1500430-14D
  • Size:D150X4TXM16
  • Diameter:125mm
  • Roller quantity:4
  • Segment quantity:30
  • Connection::M14
  • Application material:stone,concrete
  • Applicable machine: hand held grinder
1. Bush hammer plate is used for grinding the surface of granite, marble, concrete and other materials, grind into a rough surface, It plays the role of anti-skid and also can play the role of decoration;
2. The repeated hit of these carbide tips into stone or concrete surface creates a rough, pockmarked texture that looks like naturally weathered rock;
3. This segments of the bush hammer roller is carbides, each plate has 4 rollers, each roller has 30 segments, the connections of the palte is M16, this bush hammer plate can be used on ** machine;
4. It is suggested that the rotational speed is below 700 RPM, bush hammer tool is 5-6 times faster than manual times, the cost is greatly saved;
5. The grit of bush hammer face can be adjusted and the size of adaptor decide to its machine, other specifications can be customized according to requirements.
Bush hammer tools usually used in the following aspects:
1. For floor preparation before laying new coatings;
2. To remove old glue and resin coatings, in particular thick resins;
3. For grinding floors, make the ground rough and do antiskid treatment;
4. For grinding floors, can be prepared for the subsequent ground laying materials;
5. For processing stone surface, pockmarked texture that looks like naturally weathered rock.
Product name  Outer Diameter Roller quantity Segment quantity Connection
 Inch mm
        Bush hammer tools 5 125 3  30 M14
6  150  4  45
3  30
8  200  6  45
4  30
10  250  8  45
5  30
12  300  10  45
6  30
Other connection and specification can be customized according to need.

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