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300MM Rotary Bush Hammer Plate With Double Layers300MM Rotary Bush Hammer Plate With Double Layers300MM Rotary Bush Hammer Plate With Double Layers300MM Rotary Bush Hammer Plate With Double Layers300MM Rotary Bush Hammer Plate With Double Layers300MM Rotary Bush Hammer Plate With Double Layers

300MM Rotary Bush Hammer Plate With Double Layers

  • Size:300MM
  • Grains No.:30S
  • Model:BW-BHP-300
  • Rollers No.:6 Rollers
  • Shapes:Flat Shape
  • Trademark:Boreway
  • Application:Concrete And Stone
  • Material:Alloy Metal And Steel
  • Connection:6 Threaded Holes
  • Applied Machine:Grinding Machines
  • Product Type:Double Layer Type Plate
1.Double Layers 300MM Bush Hammer Plate is used on automatic grinding machines, which can make bush hammered finishing on concrete and natural stone floor. 
2.This tungsten bush hammer plate with the features of high efficiency and long lifespan.
3. Impact hammers come in many forms, from simple hand-held hammers to large motors, but the basic functions of the tool are always the same - a tapered or pyramidal grid at the end of a large metal block.
4.Double Layers 300MM Bush Hammer PlateBy adjusting the spring elasticity of the bush hammer, the manual grinder pressure can change the grit.
5.Its grit can be changed through the adjustment of spring elasticity on bush hammer, manual grinding machine press.
1. Fixed on the hold plate of the polishing machine as a polishing tool.
2. The disposition of the rollers and their special insert give medium comma finish.
3. High production and new finishes with minimum investment.  
4. The size and size of the surface of the litchi are required to be different.
5. Used as a scratcher, which has the advantage of being aggressive but gentle enough to not "dig" uncontrolled to the floor surface
Product specifications:
 Size  Shape  Roller No.  Segmentation No.  Connection
 300MM Flat Shape  6 roller  30S  6 Threaded Holes
Specially designed tools are available for any standard application. We can customize the tool to your specific needs.
Product Details:
300MM Rotary Bush Hammer Plate With Double Layers:
300MM Rotary Bush Hammer Plate With Double Layers
300MM Rotary Bush Hammer Plate With Double Layers
About us:
300MM Diamond Bush Hammer Plate Fit For Floor Grinder
1. If we want to order your product, how do we know the quality?
Please test them with a very small order and you will know the quality of it. Currently, so 
Many people in the world use Chinese products because of their high quality and most 
competitive price. We are a professional manufacturer of diamond tools. 
More than 8 years. In any case, confirm the quality of our products, a small test order will be tested 
Can you provide free samples?
We don't provide free samples. Based on our many years of experience, we think people will get 
Through paid samples, they will cherish and appreciate the more they get. But we are 
Willing to give our potential customers a special discount, they are used to testing. 
It is very important to provide us with feedback, and we appreciate it.
3. Does your company accept customization?
Of course, we accept it. Includes different colors, gravel, etc. We can also mark your own logo 
And the brand is on the mat. If you would like us to produce any new products for you, please send us your products. 
Drawing or sample, we will produce the same. We will not sell such products to others. 
Only get your permission to get customers.
Our Service:
1. Low MOQ: It is a good fit for your trial order.
2. OEM Acceptance: We can produce according to your samples or drawings.
3. Good service: We regard our customers as God with a high degree of professionalism and enthusiasm.
4. Good quality: We have a strict quality control system. Has a good reputation in the market.
5. Express: We have a big discount on freight forwarders.

Please Note:
1. Please provide materials before purchase.
2. Please provide the model number before purchase.
3. Other specifications can be customized according to requirements.
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