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Yu diamond innovation opens new space

  • Author:Sherry Huang
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2016-01-04

Yu diamond (300,064, stock it) (300064) rising demand for the release of synthetic diamond, diamond push towards the development and integration at both ends. Cost and technology support, synthetic diamond depend on cost advantages, have occupied the building materials market, but the market demand growth in the fall. Rely on technological progress, product performance, applications of synthetic diamond is expanding, emerging needs of the electronics, photovoltaic, military and consumption continue to release and promote diamond toward both ends (large single crystals and micro and nano) and integrated development of diamond products. Huge diamond emerging markets space. For example, natural rough diamond market size reached hundreds of billions of large single crystals with gem-quality energy-saving, environmental protection, no moral barriers and price advantages, potential natural alternative to the larger diamonds. PV diamond wire saw, cut sapphire strong demand, the annual demand of several million kilometers.

Yu diamond technology support, gem seize large single crystals, powder, wire saws and other markets. Through technical research and development and cooperation, the company's gem large single crystals, powder, wire saw technology products have made a breakthrough, and access to the customer large orders, emerging markets are slowly opening. To seize this opportunity, the company is focused on expanding production capacity, promote the 350 million meters of diamond wire saw projects and 7 million karats large single crystals projects. The actual controller frequently participate in additional, display confidence. Actual control in June invested 408 million (350 million meters for diamond wire saws projects) fully subscribed the company issuing the share capital, and intends to re-invested 1 billion, and then participate in September of issuance (4.788 billion financing for 7,000,000 carat single crystal items and fill streams). Management established a partnership Zhengzhou Holly also be invested 289 million in September to participate in the issuance. The actual controller with management actively subscribe additional shares, showing strong confidence in the company's future on.