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What are the 125mm rotary bush hammer discs?

Rotary Bush hammer can be equipped with cemented carbide abrasive particles, star abrasive particles, 100 tooth multi-point abrasive particles, vacuum brazing abrasive particles and brazing broken particle grinding wheels.

How to make a strong anti skid bush hammer effect?

Rotary Bush Hammer roller head block plate for manufacturer,It can polish rough, medium fine surface, fine surface effect and excellent anti-skid effect.

Why is the outdoor granite floor of the square rough?

Boreway specializes in producing litchi surface grinding wheels with various tooth numbers of high-quality cemented carbide, which can be matched with bases of various brands and installed on multi brand grinding machines. It also produces litchi surface grinding discs for use on various grinding machines.

What are the advantages of Husqvarna bush hammer ?

rotary bush hammer manufacturers,bush hammer plate manufacturers,bush hammer roller manufacturers,bush hammer can use for concrete hard, concrete medium, concrete soft, rain damaged concrete, semi polished concrete, porous ceramic glues, plastic-like ceramic glues, vinyl glues, paint and thin epoxy, thick epoxy.

What are the advantages of horseshoe type bush hammer roller?

Frankfurt bush hammer roller is a series of high-quality diamond rollers, matched with metal Frankfurt diamond shoes, which can be used to create bush hammers and textured finishes on granite, marble and other stone, concrete, and asphalt roads.

How to choose diamond cutter head?

Advantages of blade segment
1.Ideal edge trimming quality best . 
2.Excellent comprehensive cutting performance.
3.High cutting efficiency, meanwhile, it has a long lifespan.

Can 125mm bush hammer plate be used in concrete?

Bush hammer plate can remove old epoxy coating, renovate different kinds of ground surface, and make antique effect. Effective and safe anti slip granite, granite, marble and concrete surfaces. Preparation for grinding and polishing of concrete before laying new layers.

Why buy floor bush hammer plate from Boreway?

Boreway supply cheap price bush hammer tool,It can be used in Husqvarna grinding machine, Lavina grinding machine, HTC grinding machine, klindex grinding machine, sinking grinding machine and other machine brands.


Recently cow dung in India selling online: holiday shopping when the "gifts"

  • Author:Kevin
  • Source:Wanbang Technology
  • Release on:2016-01-03

    RecentlyIndian dung selling online: holiday shopping when the "gifts"

 According to foreign media reports, in India, with the arrival of the holiday season, people who have access to the market, start holiday shopping. At the same time, as a special commodity also online selling. However, this is not hot demand "tall on" objects, but cow dung. In rural India, people usually put cow dung and straw mixed and dried for firing plastic. Online shopping businesses have seen the opportunities,Amazon and eBay Other retailers targeting consumers living in the city, started selling cow dung.

Cow dung in everyone's minds may be affixed to the outside of the yurt as fuel, in fact, have very much cow dung now uses, formerly used as fertilizer kinds of vegetables and cash crops, the benefits can be very high, it becomes manure for the treasure. It can also be used as basal manure, priced at 300 yuan per ton. Dung can also be used as a feed additive for pigs, fish, chicken, etc., and with the development of technology, the use of cow dung fermentation power has become a new direction.


First, the cow dung as basal


 Cow dung is a very good organic fertilizer, many farmers use it as fertilizer, the effect is quite good. It is administered should note the following: 1, the use of cow dung must composting, until fully fermented decomposition before use, otherwise the heat released during fermentation it is possible to harm the plants, while there may be bacteria introduced into the soil . 2, to promote base fertilizer, be Summer. Release fertilizer cow dung is usually slower, while its salt content is generally relatively high, so to do a basal fertilizer, it should be applied after the Summer and in the casing without advocating applicator. If the surface of the applicator used, the dosage should be controlled, the concentration must not be too high, in order to avoid injury fertilizer damage plants.


 Second, the fermentation of pig dung


 Use pig dung is not only low cost, and easy to operate, as long as the mastery of technology, one can feed 30-40 pigs. The method is: the dried cow dung and chaff mixed, add baking powder. Number of baking powder according to the temperature. At 25 degrees Celsius, per 50 kg and 50 kg cow dung hull put baking powder 500 g. It can be used to feed pigs after 2-3 days piling fermentation, manure from black to yellow, emitting a smell of alcohol when.


 Third, cow dung kinds of mushrooms


White City Vice Mayor Wang Liwu Taobei found that because Taobei dairy farming development faster, but no one use the streets of cow dung, mainly due to make crops seeds contained in cow dung produces a large number of weeds, so farmers generally do not manure fertilizer for farming. Raw materials used to make cow dung mushroom cultivation, windrow during fermentation temperatures can kill the seeds in cow dung, waste mushroom after mushroom output to field, especially paddy is also is rare organic fertilizer. Pilot demonstration proved that cow dung used as raw material to produce the mushroom tastes good taste, quality has improved significantly, mushroom fruiting success rate has improved markedly, reaching more than 98%. The original with wheat bran, soybean meal and corn as the raw material for comparison with the traditional, the average mushroom production costs by about 40%, increase production of more than 50%, the economic benefits are substantial.


 Fifth, cow dung production nursery soil


 The project utilization of animal manure and crop stalks, growing media production and bio-organic fertilizer, reducing environmental pollution, Ningxia and the surrounding provinces to meet 20 acres of vegetable seedling facility needs. According to project director Feng Xihong, currently selling nursery soil with manure fermentation good throughout the Northwest annual sales above 200,000 package, Yinchuan market share of 50%.


 Sixth, cow dung vegetables


V Town Sang village there is a vegetable processing company and a dairy, processed vegetable products exported to the US, Canada and other places. Villagers leaves and processed organic waste as green fodder to feed cows, cow dung and then to field retting fertilizer for organic vegetable production, increase the village alone more than 350 million per year. East sparse town of nearly 4 acres of cropland, including corn yield per acre is about 1500 kilograms of straw, a cow happens to the town park in the dairy farming year, about 6000 kg silage eat, a total of 18 million kg, thereby 20000 acres of corn stalks turning waste into treasure, and ultimately avoid environmental pollution caused by burning.


Seven, cow dung methane power generation


 Farm technicians introduced, with a forklift to shovel cow dung inside the separator, separator to separate the sand firewood, separated after a good soak into the pits, brewing some time after the call from septic tanks to soak mashing pool, transferred after a certain concentration, then use our CNC equipment, regular quantitative into biogas fermenter inside, blue one is methane fermentation tank, we use the medium temperature fermentation temperature fermentation, biogas fermentation on The gas is stored in the top cabinet white edge, and then use the pipeline to transport down, transported to the electrical system inside, the biogas desulfurization dehydration, carbon dioxide, from the future, re-use of the pipeline to biogas power generators. 

   If the buyer large orders dung, sellers will offer discounts. In addition, some buyers even require businesses to make cow dung "gifts."