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What should be paid attention to when using diamond saw blades?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2020-03-31
Wet Use Diamond Cut Stone for manual, pneumatic cutting machine,angle grinder and other hand held devices, professional dry and wet cutting the granite, marble and other stone

1. Every saw blade of the Boreway company

is strictly inspected at the factory, and the tension reaches the maximum used. In a good condition, it is best to store it in a hanging position to avoid serious bumps. If it must be placed horizontally, please ensure that the placement surface is horizontal, and do not place other items on the saw blade under heavy pressure. Bringing comfortable service to customers.

2. Please note that the installation direction is the same as that of the cutting equipment

3.When installing the saw blade, be sure to tighten the fastening nut to prevent the saw blade from beating during use.

4. Please pay attention to protective measures, such as eye protection, masks, gloves, etc. Be sure to use a saw with a protective cover.

5. Clean and cut surface of the device before use. Do not have steel bars, iron wires and easy-to-wind items. It is easy to crack the saw blade. If there are debris and debris during use, please clean it in time.

6.Diamond saw blade generates heat during cutting. In order to avoid deformation and shortened life of the saw blade, please ensure the following cutting conditions when cutting.

(1) Sufficient water supply

(2) The water supply pipe is at the cutting position of the saw blade

(3) If the water supply is interrupted unexpectedly, resume the water supply as soon as possible, otherwise it is recommended to suspend

7. When cutting the diamond saw blade, if there is a power outage or a failure of the cutting equipment, stop the machine immediately and remove the saw blade, otherwise it will cause crushing damage to the saw blade and it will not be usable.

8. Diamond saw blades are mainly used in infrared cutting machines. During use, they are used at a constant speed. Do not change the cutting speed arbitrarily during use, or even increase the cutting speed beyond the tolerance of the saw blade, otherwise it will easily cause the saw blade to deform. .

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