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What are the requirements for installing and using diamond saw blades?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2020-05-06
To ensure safety, the installation requirements for diamond saw blades are as follows:

1. The equipment should be in good condition, the main shaft must not be deformed, the main shaft must not jump, the installation should be firmly fixed, and there must be no vibration.

2. Check the diamond concave saw bladesWhether it is damaged, whether the tooth shape is complete, whether the saw blade is smooth and clean, and whether there are other abnormal phenomena to ensure safe use.

3. When assembling, make sure that the arrow direction of the diamond saw blade is consistent with the rotation direction of the main shaft of the device.

4. When installing the diamond saw blade, the shaft, chuck and flange must be kept clean. The inner diameter of the flange is the same as the inner diameter of the saw blade to ensure that the flange and the saw blade are tightly combined.

5. Before the equipment is started, under the condition of ensuring safety, there are special personnel to operate the equipment, click idling to check whether the equipment is turned correctly, whether there is vibration, and a fast-cut saw blade,After installation, idling for a few minutes, no slipping, swinging or hitting normal jobs.

In order to ensure safety and good sawing effect, there are still many problems to be noted in operation and use.

6. When working, the workpiece should be fixed, the stone feed should be in accordance with the direction of the cutting machine, do not apply side pressure or curve cutting, the feed should be kept stable, to avoid the blade and the workpiece colliding with each other, causing the saw blade to break, or the workpiece to splash, occur accident.

7. When abnormal sounds and vibrations, rough cutting surfaces or odors are found, the operation must be stopped immediately and checked in time to eliminate malfunctions to avoid accidents.

8.In addition, when the diamond blade with long life When starting and stopping cutting, do not feed too fast to avoid tooth breakage and damage. At the same time, the chip removal device of the equipment should ensure smoothness to prevent the accumulation of slag into blocks, which affects production and safety.

Pay attention to the above items when using diamond blades, which will extend the life of the blade, maximize the cutting efficiency, and provide you with comfortable services