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"Tibetan independence" in the Sino-Indian border flag printing media: the Indian governmen

  • Author:Www.boreway.com
  • Source:正在等待翻译……
  • Release on:2017-07-27
China's military side crossed the border into China's Hong Kong region caused by the confrontation between the Chinese and Indian military has not yet seen a moderate, India in the Sino-Indian border in the western part of the Bangong Lake and Health and Welfare The According to the Indian "FireWire" website reported on the 9th, "Tibetan government in exile" leader Lausanne Suncun on July 5 visit the Sino-Indian border Ladakh region, the first will have a "Tibetan independence" symbol of the "snow mountain lion flag" inserted The lake on the lake. Analysis of the article said that in the Sino-Indian border problems, Lausanne Sungen's move undoubtedly has a "political meaning", but also by the Indian government's acquiescence. In this regard, China South Asia expert Qian Feng 9, "Global Times" reporter said that the Indian government for the strength of China and India are not well aware of the border, in the Sino-Indian border tension once again hit the "Tibet card", that India can play the hands of The card is so much.
According to relevant information, Banggong Lake is located in the western part of the Sino-Indian border, about 2/3 in China's Tibet Ali territory, 1/3 in India controlled by the Ladakh region. "Tibetan government in exile" spokesman Suonan Nuo cloth on the "FireWire" website, said Lausanne Sungen trip was invited by the Ladakh region Tibetan community, in the Lake Bangong to celebrate the birthday of the Dalai Lama. Before he left, he had a brief meeting with the Dalai Lama. And if Lausanne Sungen's move was authorized by the Indian side, Sonnenau replied, "I do not think that any signs of raising the Tibetan flag are required." However, Indian Quint News quoted the Indian scholar on the 9th, saying that such an act can not be authorized by the Indian government, "This is the Indian government's strong fight against China."
"This is a political move, especially at this time," said former Indian Foreign Secretary R.S. Khaja, in an interview. The observer of the Indian Observer Foundation, Josh, also argues that Lausanne's sunrise's flag-raising behavior "is given special significance at a particular moment," "this is a distinctive gesture, especially in this place for the first time With emotional and political symbolic meaning ".
R.S. Kha and Josh are of the view that the Tibetan flag rises in the "Indian territory", which can be understood as a political activity of exiled Tibetans, although the Indian authorities were not allowed before such activities. Josh also said that the Indian government has a tradition of playing the "Tibetan card", "the government has been trying to make the Tibetan issue 'visible' since the day of its oath, and this is not visible to Beijing." However, a former Indian diplomat who had been involved in the Sino-Indian border talks said the move could not be considered as "encouraging" Lausanne Sunen, "so far I have not seen the Indian government's intention to raise the importance of the problem " In addition, the diplomat also believes that India in the Donglong area confrontation in the move is "step and sober."
According to the "Times of India" website on the 9th news, despite the Chinese diplomacy and public opinion on the issue of Donglang confrontation continued pressure on the Indian side, but the Indian military side did not retreat signs. On the contrary, the Indian army has been in the Donglang disputed areas of the tent, and the Indian side of a relatively stable material supply line has been established in the region, "prepared long-term delay, will not succumb to China's pressure." At the same time, India has not given up diplomatic means to resolve this controversy. India has sent a special envoy to Beijing on the occasion of the non-level communication mechanism between China and India on border issues.

China South Asian Association executive director Qian Feng 9, "Global Times" interview, said the Chinese and Indian troops in the Bangong Lake on both sides of the station, the Indian civilians are rarely very easy to go, so Lausanne Sun Geng can go to the region, Obviously there is an acquiescence of the Indian government. Entrenched in India, the Dalai Lama long-term echoed with the Indian anti-China forces. Now Lausanne Sungen and others to make the move, trying to stir up trouble in the sensitive period. Through the "flag" farce can be seen, the Dalai Lama is collusion with India's domestic anti-China forces, without disguising its split China's proposition.
Qian Feng said that from the overall situation of Sino-Indian relations, the Chinese officials have long maintained the attitude of not engaging in other countries' internal affairs. But the Indian media and anti-China forces did not disguise its support for the Dalai Lama's "Tibet independence" claims, even on the Taiwan issue on the footsteps. "China and the non-indecent assault", the Chinese people exist to support Sikkimu, China and Bhutan diplomatic relations and support India-controlled Kashmir and northeastern India, the objective existence of the separatist forces of public opinion. This shows that China is actually a card to play, but we have never done so.[{1}]