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China 95 rifle defects have been perfect solution came from this country

  • Author:Www.boreway.com
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  • Release on:2017-07-27
The perfect solution for solving the problem of 95 rifles has also appeared! There is a strange appearance of the device, was installed in the top of the 95 rifle quasi-constellation. Careful observation will find that the device is fixed in this position by a fixture with a 95 rifle quasi-constellation. This device is actually:

Holographic sight

Its scientific name is called "laser holographic diffractive sight." Simply put it with an optical window that allows the shooter to aim at the observation, and the window has a laser red dot that is imaged at a distance. This shooter as long as the move guns, the target with a similar distance in the red dot, and the target overlap together to complete the aiming operation, this time the fire will be accurate hit.

The advantage of the holographic sight is extremely prominent - it breaks through the "gap - sight - target" of the old line of sight mode, using two lines, the operation is particularly simple, even untrained novice can use it to accurately shoot The And special police and other shooting master, you can use it to achieve a more rapid aim, while access to a larger perspective, to ensure the best observation. Moreover, it can be superimposed telescope, night vision goggles used.

However, holographic sight and other sight, like the need for specific fixtures and other accessories in order to be stable, accurate installation on the rifle or pistol. China 95 automatic rifles, initially did not improve the consideration of this demand, resulting in the installation of the sight becomes more difficult. 95 rifle mention and the cover is a whole, and there is no easy to install the sight and other accessories design, but there is no standardized leather rail interface or other way fixed point, resulting in the installation becomes very difficult and cumbersome.

So, we see the special police team to use an additional fixture, it will be installed in the quasi-constellation. There are a number of shortcomings:

First, the need for additional, complex accessories, such as special shape of the fixture, and this is only suitable for 95 rifle fixture and can not be used for other firearms, such as special police generally used 79 submachine gun, sniper rifles and so on;

Second, the installation location is not ideal, quasi-constellation position than the middle of the gun is more likely to encounter bumps, causing the sight loose or fall off;

Third, the greater the change in the focus of the whole gun, the shooter needs more training to adapt.

So, the Chinese 95 rifle to install holographic sight and other accessories perfect solution is what?

The answer is actually from Canada on the other side of the ocean - Canada imported a number of Chinese North Industrial 97 automatic rifles, which is actually the 5.56 mm semi-automatic civilian version of the 95 rifle. The Canadian militia found that the 97 rifle was difficult to install, so that its upper cover was completely replaced with a newly designed part, making the 97 rifle had a track close to half the length of the gun body.

Perfect to solve the sight of the installation of the 97 rifle modification

The following picture shows the 97 rifles two different leather track transformation program, but the complete replacement of the cover, the effect is more excellent, because the latter allows the use of more use of more sight, laser indicators, tactical lighting and other different accessories.

The skin rail is a standardized light weapon installation interface, it has a regular fishbone structure, so holographic sight and other accessories only need to have the appropriate interface, you can on the track in a solid, fast fixed or disassembly. Another benefit of this improvement is to solve the problem that the 95/97 automatic rifle is installed with a high baseline of the sight, allowing the shooter to shoot through the sight in a natural and comfortable posture.

How much does this need to be modified? It is believed that the price is about $ 200 or so, and most of it is Canada and other countries design, management of human costs. 95 automatic rifle with a leather track on the cover, if the Chinese manufacturers to obtain adequate military and police 95 rifle modified orders, in the case of large-scale manufacturing under this premise will become very cheap.

In the bulk delivery of this with a leather on the cover, the police can replace their own. Because the upper cover is a detachable complete part, just remove the original cover, put on a new leather cover, one or two minutes to complete.


It is not difficult to find that in the world of civil firearms market, there are many very worthy of the Chinese army, the police department reference learning advanced design ideas and mature products. China's military and police have used a variety of flexible means, part of the domestic 95 rifle to solve the installation of sight and other accessories difficult problem, then add a little investment, you can completely solve it completely. This will enhance the combat effectiveness of Chinese soldiers, police officers, has a significant role in promoting![{1}]