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Three leading products of synthetic diamond watch industry

  • Author:Sherry
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2015-10-08
First, the synthetic diamond industry located in the middle part of the chain, the industry as a whole is still growing synthetic diamond is one of the hardest in nature and the highest thermal conductivity of the material, chemically stable, has good acid and alkali resistance at room temperature, Widely used in the traditional areas of stone building materials, machinery vehicles, drilling and other mining, as well as the emerging field of semiconductors, electronics and aerospace. Synthetic diamond is located at the middle part of the industry chain, the industry as a whole is still growing. As a new material, "the seven new industry," one of the get policy support, while the downstream industry also benefited from the various policies to encourage demand, huge space industry's future development.

Second, look at the three industry leading products: single crystal, powder, composite sheet
Synthetic diamond industry's three main product is a single crystal diamond, diamond powder and polycrystalline diamond, diamond Yu mainly localized in single-crystal and powder, Huanghe Whirlwind mainly located in the production of monocrystalline and polycrystalline, SFD mainly located in the production of polycrystalline composite sheet.
(1) single crystal: the world's largest production base, has formed the three pillars, productivity growth slowed. Our diamond crystal accounted for more than 90% of global market share, SOUTH diamond, diamond Henan Huanghe Whirlwind and the three pillars of the pattern has been formed, the three together accounted for 64%, the future growth of the single crystal production capacity will be 16% -17% mainly due to the lower demand growth dropped to 15%.
(2) Powder: global market space is huge, Yu diamond is expected to rise as a global leader. 2011 global demand for micronized 5 billion karats, China produced 4 billion karats, foreign production 1 billion karats, future demand growth of around 20%, with an annual output of Henan diamond powder subsidiaries could reach 1 billion karats, it is expected to rise to industry leader.
(3) the composite sheet: focus on the future development of the oil and the tool composite sheet, the Quartet of priority benefit. Global market composite sheet capacity of 30 billion yuan, the future demand growth of 20%. Oil and knives with a composite sheet with outstanding advantages in market size and growth as well as profitability is the key direction of future development. SFD As a leading enterprise in the field of polycrystalline diamond, priority will benefit from demand growth and high-margin segments.

Third, the driving force of growth in demand: Performance exploitation and enhance permeability
Artificial diamond mining is still a large demand for space: (1) with respect to the outstanding performance advantages of carbide, diamond penetration is still a large room for improvement, the current penetration rate of drilling exploration areas and 60%, 50% ceramics, stone processing 20%, 10% lathe tool. (2) In addition to ultra-hard diamond, the thermal conductivity, optical and other relative has a significant advantage for the study of the performance of conventional materials are deepening, based on the future performance of these new applications is expected to continue to expand.

Fourth, the decisive factor in profitability: equipment technical improvement and upgrading of product structure
(1) the cost of competitive enterprises sector fell more than the marginal cost to ensure stable profitability. Having the industry's scale, technology and equipment advantages of enterprises, through continuous technological innovation and new equipment upgrades, enabling business costs fell more than the industry marginal cost, in order to ensure a relatively stable profitability, a typical representative of Henan Huanghe Whirlwind and diamond. When demand growth below productivity growth, industry concentration will increase, the relative advantage of the industry's leading companies will be more apparent. (2) artificial diamond synthesis plant is a single production, synthesis time, high-grade rate and conversion rate of the important factors, the diamond structure upgrades can improve the profitability of the industry.
Synthetic diamond industry as a whole is still in the formative years, long-term driving force of industry needs is to enhance the development and utilization properties and permeability, future powder, the composite sheet and products market is vast.