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Currently our main rival is South Korea diamond tools business

  • Author:Sherry
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2015-10-08
At present the main rival of diamond tools that Korean companies and Korean companies compete, we have in addition to cost-effective than the product, the next step is mainly in product innovation.

According to reports, diamond tools from the earliest start in Europe and America, then to Japan, South Korea, and now to the trend of China's manufacturing center of the transfer, it is only the transfer of manufacturing centers. From the moment our people to get into the international market competition, the next step is the first to face the competition of Korean companies, Korean companies could not pass this off on can not get a higher level.

And Korean companies compete, we have in addition to cost-effective than the product, the next step is mainly in product innovation. New products past diamond tools are made in Europe and America like Saint-Gobain and other large enterprises such invention, in recent years, this innovative engine has been to South Korea, including the many new technologies in Korea and other recently introduced orientation. At this point, the gap between us is greater than the gap between product cost. In the future if certain products are invented by the Chinese in the United States, Europe, applied for a patent, in addition to China and no one can produce, so natural anti-dumping problem does not exist. When products become the only option when a country needs, there can be no anti-dumping. To avoid anti-dumping, enhance innovation capability is the most important.