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Taiwan's 5 non diplomatic relations representatives were asked to change their names and respond

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-06-16
Taiwan's 5 non diplomatic relations representatives were asked to change their names and respond to the Foreign Ministry
Ba Vumiya, vice president of the Republic of Garner, will pay an official visit to China on from June 20th to 25th, at the invitation of vice president Li Yuanchao.
During the visit, CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng, vice president Li Yuanchao and vice president bawumia will hold meetings and talks. Vice President bawumia will also attend the non cooperative Garner promotion capacity. In addition to Beijing, vice president Ba Vumiya will be visiting the field.
Garner was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with China in sub Saharan africa. The vice president is Garner bawumia at the beginning of this year since the establishment of the new government's first official visit to China and Party leaders. Both sides attach great importance to this visit. I believe that this visit will inject new impetus into the comprehensive and in-depth development of China Canada relations, and push for new achievements in China Canada friendly cooperation, so as to better benefit the two countries and the two peoples.
Two, at the invitation of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Federative Republic of Brazil's foreign minister Nunes will pay an official visit to China on from June 16th to 20th and attend the meeting of foreign ministers of the brics. During his stay, foreign minister Wang Yi will hold a comprehensive strategic dialogue between China and Pakistan at the second foreign ministers' level.
China and Brazil, respectively, are the largest developing countries in the East and the west, and they are mutually strategic partners. In recent years, China Pakistan relations have witnessed rapid and sustained development and fruitful exchanges and cooperation in various fields. I believe Nunes's visit will further deepen bilateral political mutual trust, expand cooperation consensus and promote the sustained and stable development of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and pakistan.
Q: Taiwan's foreign ministry said yesterday that because of pressure from China, Taiwan was asked to change its name at the 5 non diplomatic countries, including Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan and Ecuador. Among them, the requirements of Taiwan in the country on behalf of the deadline to leave, otherwise do not guarantee its safety. What's China's comment on this?
Answer: our position is very clear, adhere to a Chinese principle is the international community, but also the popular sentiment around the world represent the general trend, with Chinese to establish diplomatic relations and develop friendly cooperation in important political prerequisite and political foundation. China government indicated a high degree of recognition and appreciation for the countries concerned to follow a principle China handle Taiwan related issues.
Q: in the house of representatives said the military committee meeting on former U.S. Secretary of defense Matisse, Russia, other countries in the military Chinese more and more strong, the threat to the global security consensus. Both Russia and China are opposed to a crucial part of the international order after World War ii. The international community is faced with the risk of returning to "big country competition". What's China's comment on this?
A: I have noticed the reports. China and Russia, respectively, are the second world wars, the main battlefields of Asia and Europe, all of which have made great sacrifices to defeat fascism and militarism and made great contributions to it. In order to remember history, cherish the memory of the martyrs, cherish peace and create the future, many countries including China, Russia, the United States, in 2015 jointly organized a series of celebration and commemoration of the victory of World War II 70th anniversary activities, highlighting the majority of international community determination to uphold the fruits of victory in World War ii.
I can't explain to minister Matisse what he said is the key part of the international order after World War ii. China's position is the core of the United Nations, the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations for the foundation of the international order and the international system after World War II established is safeguarding world peace and promoting development of the key elements. China firmly upholds the international order and international system based on the United Nations as its core, the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and firmly adheres to the policy of multilateralism. We never believe that the vicious so-called "big country competition" is in line with the interests of any member of the international community, including china. What we advocate is the establishment of a human destiny community of mutual respect, cooperation and win-win results.