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The American response to "robbery" of the North Korean delegation accused: seize unwelcome

chois.dong www.boreway.com 2017-06-19 18:39:14
[global network reported] according to the The Associated Press reported on June 19th, 18 North Korean accused North Korean foreign delegation from the United States before the robbery in New York to the United Nations, the conference urged the United States to explain the incident and apologize to the dprk. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan 18 days on North Korea to respond to the allegations, said the three officers involved North Korean citizens are not members of the delegation to the United Nations, three people carry the documents and parcels are not protected by diplomatic immunity, must accept the inspection.
Reported that the DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman 18, said, attended the conference of the conference of the parties to the Convention on the rights of disabled persons held in New York, the DPRK delegation 16 on the way back home, was robbed at J.F.Kennedy.Apt Airport in New York. At the airport, claiming to be the Department of homeland security officers and police, more than 20 people like thugs trying to hold diplomatic documents from the North Korean diplomats to snatch documents. North Korean diplomats made tough resistance, but the men fled after fleeing the diplomatic documents with violence.
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security spokesman Lapan said in response, according to the information provided by the State Council, officials indeed confiscated some media files and packages carrying three North Koreans, but they are not the North Korean ambassador to the UN delegation, does not enjoy diplomatic immunity. Lapan said: "these parcels are not subject to diplomatic protection, so they must be inspected."." He added that three North Koreans tried to forcibly take away the documents and parcels, but homeland security officials blocked them.
The report also said that the DPRK side believes that the United States to seize diplomatic documents of North Korea is intolerable sovereignty violations against North Korea, extremely aggressive provocation, the DPRK government strongly condemned. Lapan said that these "attack" reports and comments in the DPRK is completely one-sided. Three Koreans were later released, but they insisted on carrying the detained object aboard.
It's not clear why American detained objects. The US State Department has not yet explained the matter, saying only that it is under investigation.