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Suspected a large number of China Air Force 500 and F-10 plateau there are a large number of tanks

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on :2017-07-18
Recently, users upload photos show that the suspected Air China Air Force 500 early warning aircraft and a row of F-10 fighters, parked in the high altitude airport.

The picture shows the 09-type wheeled tank team gallop reinforce the border area. (Map source: @ Korolev)
Related News: F-10 spent on the People's Liberation Army hundreds of billions, China's trillions of military spending in the end used in what place?
Since the J -10 production, China Chengfei company and its manufacturers recently expanded by 2 times, from 2007 onwards, J-10B-type production rate increased significantly. By 2015, the total output of the J-10 fighter has been around 360, while the J-10B / C final output will reach 400.

So what is the Chinese Air Force to improve the J-10B / C fighter? In fact, the current Chinese Air Force and Naval Air Force is equipped with about 700 F-7 fighters and more than 200 J-8 fighters. These second-generation machines are clearly behind, and their airborne electronic equipment, range and combat capability are much lower than the international level. In modern high-tech conditions to start air combat is tantamount to egg stone.

So in order to better safeguard national security, the Chinese Air Force must speed up the replacement of the second generation machine update speed. At present, even if the two fighters in China plant fire full, at least 8 years or so have time to replace nearly half of the number. If you do not accelerate the replacement of these backward aircraft, the implementation of our air force around the task will be very passive, even to spend hundreds of millions of production fighters also spend the value.
Take the past 2016 years, the world's military spending in all countries together have 16,800 US dollars, 0.4% increase over 2015, the world's largest military spending the top five countries are the United States, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and India, the top three countries have risen in military spending: the United States is far ahead, reaching 611 billion US dollars, China's military spending of 215 billion US dollars, Russia 69.2 billion US dollars. Saudi Arabian military spending fell from third place in 2015 to fourth place in 2016.

If the Chinese military costs converted into RMB, then there are three trillion, and sounds like an astronomical figure, then someone will ask, so many military spending in the end with what place? First of all, China's first task is to complete the military reform, although the Chinese army has a large number of weapons and equipment, but most of the last century belongs to the elimination of goods, replacement of weapons and equipment to become the primary problem, which is an important part of military spending , But also need to develop more advanced equipment.

There is also the one hand is the construction of the Chinese army, a good army first is to good quality, in the context of modern war struck, the PLA training will greatly increase the difficulty, which determines the training costs will not be too low , An ordinary shell is five or six thousand dollars, a drill may launch hundreds to thousands of hair; a missile worth of millions of dollars; In addition to improve the level of actual combat, the need for training environment construction, such as the construction of large-scale training Base, the more complex the environment, the greater the difficulty of natural security.

Followed by weapons and equipment in the rising, in recent years, the development of the Chinese armed forces is very fast, a variety of high-end weapons into the eye, behind a lot of money can not be separated from the support. A F-10B fighter or F-11B fighter about 300 million yuan, a F-20 fighter price should be 600 million yuan, the purchase of a fighter aviation division needs at least 20 billion yuan; 99 main battle tanks a 23 million , 96 tanks 15 million; a supply ship cost of about 20 billion yuan, 054 frigates more than 3 billion, 052 destroyers are up to 4 billion, the aircraft carrier cost is astronomical.

The last point is to assume international responsibility, in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations, China needs to protect the peace of the Gulf of Aden, escort action is also inseparable from the military support, fuel alone, an average of 7,000 tons of oil, escort three or four months, The most economical fuel consumption of 1,000 tons, equivalent to seven or eight million yuan. Long-term patrol, only the size of a warships, the average annual fuel consumption will be 30 million yuan, which does not include other materials and personnel expenses.