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Cheong Wa Dae found more than one question file Park Ji-hui bribery case or visit the machine

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-07-19
According to South Korea, "Asian Economy" reported that recently, a number of Park Ji-hui government work documents prepared in Cheong Wa Dae was found, some of the documents contain illegal work instructions, a copy of the current issue of the document has been handed over to Prosecution investigation.

Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Park Chung-xian said at a regular press conference that more than 300 documents and notes prepared by the former government were found in the Civilian Chief Secretary's file cabinet, which included facilitating the management of Samsung's succession , As well as the national pension rights and other related content.
Cheong Wa Dae said again on the 17th, in the Chief Secretary of the Office and found the former government period of 1361 documents, including with Samsung successor, the blacklist of literary and art development, Korean and Japanese comfort women, "World", national textbooks and other related content.
According to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office on the 17th revealed that the prosecution has now proceeded to analyze the Chev ala Taiwan Civil Affairs chief secretary room was found in the issue of the document, the future will determine the scope of the specific investigation and investigation. After the investigation and analysis of the question document, the individual inspection team and the prosecution will submit the evidence related to the case of burying the case, and if the case is accepted, the relevant documents will have an impact on the trial of the case and the conviction of the person involved.

Local time on May 25, 2017, Seoul, South Korea, South Korea's former president Park Ji-hui was escorted to the Seoul Central District Court, to accept the second public trial.
South Korea's "Asian economy" pointed out that there are analysts believe that the document was found in the office of the chief secretary of the civil affairs cabinet, so when the then chief secretary of the Yu-Yu Yu or will be again prosecutors summoned the investigation. The prosecution had to Yu Zhiyu abuse of power, neglect of duty, interference with the prosecution investigation and a number of suspects, twice to the court to arrest Yu, but the court was rejected by evidence on the grounds of insufficient.
In the near future Park Hyun Hui bribery case trial, in order to avoid the vice president of Samsung Electronics Li Zairong in court confrontation, Park Ji-hui to health problems on the grounds did not attend the trial. It is observed that if the evidence is found in the question document, the evidence of the bribe of Samson and the adoption of the court will be adopted by the court, and the course of the whole case will be affected and the outcome of the trial will be affected.
At present, Cui Shun real dry case and Park Ji-hui bribery case is being heard, but most of the parties to their own suspects are denied, the relevant documents exposure is undoubtedly a "blockbuster", Park Ji-hui bribery case will be ushered Major turnaround.
Most of the opposition party on the matter said that the current government announced the behavior of Cheong Wa Dae file allegedly "leaked confidential", is illegal. But there are also views that the prosecution in the analysis of the file after the investigation, if the illegal work instructions is true, can be Park Gou-hui bribery case trial to provide strong evidence.