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Nobel Prize in Chemistry: The average number of people living 30 years in the next century

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-05-30
May 27, Zhejiang University's "overseas famous Teacher Hall" and the 120 anniversary of the Academic Forum, invited 2004 Nobel Prize laureate-Aaron. The scientist, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for the mystery of the protein degradation process in the human body, is just 70 years old this year. Over the past 13 years, he has been working in the lab every day, constantly sending papers, and flying around the Earth, lecturing and attending various academic conferences.
He has been to China for hundreds of times, and he knows a lot about China and is familiar with "I know your parents will often talk about how good their children are."
This speech, the most frequently occurring word is probably: Yourself (yourself), Individual (personal, personality). It sounds like "chicken soup"-you have to plan your life according to your own interests anyway.
However, the "chicken soup" background is very sci-fi-because the Don says the next century can be 30 years longer than now. The future of medical care, completely according to the individual gene prescribing, not to do their own, live so long and what is the point?
In the next century, the average man lives 30 years.
A-long knows many authentic Chinese characteristics, for example, parents love to make decisions for their children.
"According to many Chinese parents ' plans, when you finish your studies, you have to start a family and you better make money." However, even if you earn a 1 million, two, three ... Maybe you're divorced. In a few years, you're almost dead. "
"At present, the average life expectancy of Chinese women around 85 years old, men around 81 years old." The Japanese are taller. And in the 20th century century, the average human lifespan was 50 years old, says Aaron. 4,000 years ago, the average life expectancy of humans was only about 35 years.
In 4000, the average lifespan of the human race grew by only 15 years. Over the past 100 years, the rapid development of technology and education has increased the lifespan of people for 30 of years. Aaron believes that in the next century, the average lifespan of human beings is likely to grow by another 30 years.
"The growth of life expectancy is at a price. At present, human beings encounter unprecedented disease challenges, such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease ... "The fact is, at present, more than 90% of the patients are older than 50 years old." 80% of the health costs of people in their lives have been born in the last 3-4 years of life.
However, no one wants to live 30 years old and ill.
Personalized treatment of "gene" drug
"The disease is caused by protein degradation and aging." The achievement of a-long Nobel Prize is to study the process of protein degradation in human cells.
Together with two other scientists, Avram Hesco and Owen Ross, he discovered a polypeptide called ubiquitin, which plays an important role in protein degradation. The polypeptide is made up of 76 amino acids, just like a label. Labeled proteins in the body are transported to the cell's "garbage disposal plant" where they are degraded.
Based on basic research, a-long believes that medicine is undergoing a personalized, customized change, may make the quality of human longevity.
"We can detect disease at the DNA level and then personalize the treatment of the disease according to different DNA sequences," he said. "Aaron said," Now looks like the same disease, the same treatment, the result is completely different, because we are individual, age, sex, weight, diet structure is different, not to mention genetic differences. For example, also breast cancer, although the symptoms of the same, but the body's internal DNA problems may be different. "
In other words, turn the right remedy into a "gene" drug.
There is one more courageous situation. A-long explanation of the picture of Angelina Jolie appeared on PPT.

"She did a genetic test, had a high risk of breast cancer, so she chose to remove the breast, and because of the genetic defect, she later removed the ovaries." "Long said that the discovery of genetic defects and the adoption of preventive measures, equivalent to advance personalized customized treatment."
Aaron sees this as the third drug revolution of the future: the time when a drug can cure all people of the same disease will end.