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Kong was suspended by Chinese association for "Casino debt Collection"

  • Author:Chois Dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-05-29
29th, according to Hong Kong media reports, a Singapore casino, a paper petition to the current Chinese woman ping coach Kong to the Hong Kong High Court to recover HK $ more than 2 million loans.
The plaintiff pointed out that Kong for its casino customers, the two sides signed a loan agreement on February 19, 2015, Kong on the same day to the plaintiff to borrow 1 million Singapore dollars, of which 900,000 Singapore dollar chips, the remaining 100,000 Singapore dollars is the plaintiff "top player" costs. Up to now, Kong has only repaid over $ more than 545,000 in Singapore dollar debt and still owes 454,000 Singapore dollars (HK $ more than 2.5 million).
In response to this, the Chinese Table Tennis Association 30th, decided to suspend Kong Chinese women Ping coach work, asked Kong immediately returned to accept further investigation and processing.
China Table Tennis Association said that they learned from the media Kong involving, immediately find Kong understanding of the situation. According to the facts in response to the media related reports, it is considered that the relevant behavior has been seriously violated the regulations and disciplinary requirements of the state public officials.
The Chinese Table Tennis Association expresses its strong opposition to the behavior of the athletes, coaches and staff who violate the social morals, and will further investigate the Kong's behavior and deal with the relevant regulations seriously. And will take this matter as the profound warning and the lesson, strengthens to the athlete, the trainer educates the management, raises, establishes the sports team good thought style and the moral image.
As China's female ping coach, Kong is leading the World Table Tennis Championships held in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Also, the State Sports administration spokesman 30th said that in the media coverage of the Kong involving, the National Sports administration attaches great importance to this, on the one hand, the adverse social impact of the incident expressed deep apology, on the other hand, the Chinese Table Tennis Association has made a preliminary decision on the basis of further identification of the situation, according to
The spokesman said that Kong, as a party member cadres and state public officials, must strictly abide by the Parto, famous athletes, coaches should pay attention to their own social image and social impact, take the lead in obeying the law.
He said that the sports administration firmly opposed and will seriously investigate all kinds of violations of professional ethics and illegal behavior, take 0 tolerant attitude, found together to investigate together! All sports workers, including athletes and coaches, should be strictly disciplined, cultivate healthy life interest, uphold socialist core values, vigorously carry forward the spirit of Chinese sportsmanship and Olympic spirit, and never tolerate any violation of misconduct behavior!