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Mongolian President of the new residence of the official residence of the official residence attache

  • Author:Chois.dong
  • Source:Www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-07-17
In the Mongolian national up and down to celebrate the time when the new Mongolian President Barturega Ga made to break the traditional move. Mongolian website "bataar" said that in order to be a "President of the People First", Batu Le Ga will not move into the Mongolian President lived in the big mouth country hotel, but stay in the center of Ulan Bator City Marshal Palace The Barturega Ga's this maverick decision, so that the Mongolian public view of the marshal for many years to re-attract people's interest.
It is reported that Batu Le Ga decided to live in Marshal Palace, because the building from the National Palace near the walk ten minutes up to easy to walk to work. Russian news network 16, said the Mongolian president of the new move is to establish official frugality in the country new standards. He hoped that other senior officials to his example, to give up the luxury cars and some luxury lifestyle.
Mongolian people expressed their views on the Internet. Some people say that there is no president of the team time to work, can ease the traffic congestion. There are also netizens said that if the president every day to work on foot, will increase the security burden, the state in the security budget will inevitably increase.
Daxingkou State Guesthouse is located about 10 kilometers south of the National Palace, located in the Bogdo Pass. There is a national nature reserve, beautiful scenery, often can see wild animals come and go. Daxiaokou country hotel on three sides around the mountains, the location of confidential, easy to guard and guard, Mongolian successive heads of state, the National President and the Prime Minister are here to live.
And Marshal Palace has had a glorious history, it was the Mongolian Prime Minister Chobba's official residence. Mongolian media reported that the last century, 40 years, Ulaanbaatar high-rise buildings only a handful, then the Mongolian Prime Minister Chobba winter live in a small building in the summer in the covered yurts living in the box. So, Qiaobashan decided to build a decent place for himself. Qiaobashan on their own residence of the idea is that the appearance of the Western classical style, the interior reflects the Mongolian national characteristics. June 1, 1943 project started, the original planned construction in 1945 put into use, but at that time the Mongolian labor shortage, until December 1947 was completed. Mongolian government also allowed many Mongolian monks and Japanese prisoners of war who had committed "counter-revolutionary" crimes to participate in the construction.
In the past few decades, the Marshal Palace received a number of foreign dignitaries, including the former Soviet Union Supreme Soviet presidency of the Tallassov, former Soviet Communist Party Secretariat Secretary Su Si Luo Fu, former Soviet astronaut Gorbacheco, Former Afghan Prime Minister Khalmall, former US Secretary of State Baker and so on. 90s of last century, "Marshal Palace" began to gradually fade out the public line of sight. After 1990, the building has been used by the Mongolian Ministry of Public Security, the State Government Service Administration and the National Special Security Service. After the democratization of Mongolia in 1990, social chaos, allegedly had a thief into the "Marshal Palace" to steal the TV incident.