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Marble polishing grinding process standards

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2015-12-09
Today, a single layer of cloth marble polished diamond or cBN grinding are using electroplating, sintering or various brazing manufacture. Electroplating manner monolayer abrasive cloth polished marble grinding, the superabrasive is mechanically clamping fixed. More than high average particle size under 40% to 50%, the drawback is that the particles are generally random arrangement, which is used to illustrate the size of the chip space between particles and transporting the coolant is uncertain. Thus, in the process of these spaces can easily be metal shavings clogging the worst lead to "burn" the workpiece and become waste.

Current Situation and related welding processes marble polishing grinding processing industry show that China's current stage of laser welding of large diameter diamond saw blade needs are urgent and feasible, through the rational application of laser welding and other modern manufacturing technology, will be able to get High-performance, low-cost large-diameter hard granite cutting diamond saw blades, laser welding technology in large format hard marble polishing grinding cutting has great practical value in the field with the production of diamond cutting tools.

Marble industry has been facing severe pressure homogenization, and therefore continued technological innovation to create differentiated became the foresight to give some of brands, marble polishing grinding is one of the typical: 1998 R & D "Golden Beige" Huang set off a nationwide; 2002 R & D "Tianshan Stone" has set off a white country; in 2005 launched the "Carrara", with ceramics began to restore the world of luxury marble polishing grinding head; in March of this year, held in the global synchronization "08 New Release It will be "a one-time reduction of world-class launch 5 grinding marble polishing products, as well as" fake brick wallpaper "," imitation brick carpet ", so that the European and American experts stunned.