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King of precious stones - diamonds

  • Author:Sherry Huang
  • Source:www.boreway.net
  • Release on:2016-04-26

    In nature, there is a known mineral"Diamond". Most of the black diamond is opaque, there are a lot of cracks or inclusions, only a small part of the diamond transparent as water, to the requirements as gem materials, called the gem diamond. After pondering gem diamond processing, it is the king of gems women who dream of - diamonds. The reason for this precious gem diamond, because it is not only particularly scarce and precious stones with all the conditions should have.

Diamond chemical properties are very stable, which is a gem as favorable conditions. Diamond chemical composition of carbon, graphite, coal of the same chemical composition, but because of the diamond structure and they are different, very stable, so that the nature of what the big difference. In the air, the diamond is not as easy as coal combustion, must meet 850 ~ 1000 ℃ high temperature combustion to form carbon dioxide and no residue. Diamond is not only stable in air, acid and alkali corrosion it can not, even in the diamond alkali solution boiled, it also did not change. Thus, when taken to the gem diamond surface with impurities, not mechanically remove, so as not to damage the stones, then you can use a long soak strong acid or alkali, dissolved impurities, and no damage to the diamond.

    Diamond is the hardest material in the world. It can characterize anything, including hard jade. therefore,gemDiamond diamond processed into solid durable, shiny and glitter forever unchanged, because of its polished surface will not be scratched or polished. It must be noted that, although the diamond is very hard, but very brittle, easily broken, and this is a lot of people do not understand, and therefore in the processing and wondering when to wear diamond jewelry, you must be careful.

High refractive index is the diamond become very precious gems another reason. Diamond refractive index as high as 2.4, which is almost the world the highest refractive index of a transparent substance. Reflective material with the ability to increase the refractive index increases, therefore, polished diamond surface can be a lot of ambient light reflection. According to the modern scientific design of a diamond grinding type, and can on a light incident surface is totally reflected inside out, so that the whole diamond shining bright light. Since the light incident on the diamond is reflected all out, looks like a silver diamond-like, almost do not see is transparent.

    Diamond dispersion is large, that is, the difference between the different wavelengths of colored light, the refractive index is very high. Can be seen from Figure 4, the beam of white light incident when pondering good diamond, due to different refractive indices, red and blue long-wave shortwave will be separated by two reflections revealing internal diamond, the red and blue on very far away. Because of this dispersion phenomena, the diamond rendered colorful flash, extremely beautiful.

Diamond in the growth process, due to the presence of different chemical trace elements, resulting in deformation of the crystal structure, so that the diamond showing different colors. For example, when a nitrogen atom substituted with diamond crystals of certain carbon atoms (per million carbon atoms, have been replaced by one hundred), began to absorb blue and violet light, thus making the diamond appear yellow; Diamond in the formation process , the absorption of trace elements boron, diamonds will significantlysky blue; Crystal formation, lattice structure distortion, leaving the diamond is red; when subjected to natural radiation crystal lattice structure changes, so that the diamond is green. These colored diamonds, also known as diamond, because the color of rare, valuable.