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Kashmir 1 day outbreak of three fierce conflict India and Pakistan commander both die

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-10-12
On October 9, Indian security forces and Pakistani armed men in the Kashmir border in different parts of the outbreak of three fierce conflicts, both sides are heavy casualties, the Indian army a senior officer and the Pakistani armed organization commander, are all Died in the crossfire.
According to the "Hindustan Times" reported that on October 9, the Indian military said the Indian military and Pakistani militants in the Kashmir border Bad Gamma area (Budgam) broke out in a fierce conflict, a senior Indian officer died in the exchange of fire. India said the Indian security forces in the night when the sudden attack on the fire attack, a Punjab youth officer shot dead.
On the same day, the Indian army and Pakistani armed forces were also in the Kashmir northern Bramrama area (Baramulla) broke out fierce battle. According to New Delhi television reported that the Indian army said the Palestinian armed commander Umer Khalid (Umer Khalid) died in the crossfire. According to reports, the Indian army in the region launched a "lightning war", through the establishment of the checkpoint to quickly find out where the commander, then attack to them. Khalid was wounded in the crossfire, struggling to escape the area, mixed into the residential area, but eventually was killed, India has several soldiers died.
Indian media said Umm Khalid was considered the brace of border militants, and a number of attacks against the Indian army were planned in the central and southern Kashmir. He was also regarded as an "A + +" enemy by the Indian Army, and there were reports that he was a resident of Pakistan, but his exact identity had not been confirmed.
According to ANI television reported that the local time on the evening of October 9, the two sides also Kashmiri shopian area outbreak of fierce gunfighting, the conflict caused an armed person was killed, and another four were arrested by the Indian army. As of the print media, the number of casualties is still updated.