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"China Eye" for the first time found a new pulsar

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2017-10-10
Known as the "China Eye" 500 meters caliber ball radio telescope (FAST) finally ushered in the first batch of results. Today, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Science Communications Bureau, the Chinese Academy of Sciences National Astronomical Observatory held a press conference in Beijing announced that FAST on August 22 this year, 25 found two new pulsars - this is our first radio telescope found new pulsars, But also the Chinese people for the first time with their own telescope found new pulsars.

FAST is one of the major scientific and technological infrastructure equipment of China's Eleventh Five-Year Plan. It was invested and constructed by the National Development and Reform Commission. It was completed on September 25, 2016 and entered into the trial operation. National Observatory researcher, FAST chief scientist, chief engineer Nan Rendong will be defined as "the next generation of astronomers prepared observation equipment", is the world's most sensitive single-aperture radio telescope.

At today's press conference, the National Observatory, Yan Jun, said that after a year of intense commissioning, FAST has achieved smooth operation of pointing, tracking, drift scanning and other observation modes, and the progress of debugging has exceeded expectations and large-scale similar equipment International practice, and has begun the systematic scientific output. Which includes today released the "new pulsar discovery."

At present, the FAST telescope has detected dozens of high-quality pulsar candidates, two of which pass international certification: a number J1859-0131 (also known as FP1-FAST pulsar), the National Astronomical Observatory, FAST Engineering Deputy Chief Engineer Li said, # 1), the rotation period is 1.83 seconds, estimated distance from the earth 16,000 light years; a number J1931-01 (also known as FP2), the rotation period of 0.59 seconds, estimated at about 4100 light years from Earth. The two pulsars are discovered by FAST by drift scans on the south side of the billowing.

Li said that the study of pulsars is expected to be answered by many major physical problems. However, due to weak pulse signal, easily submerged by artificial electromagnetic interference, only a small part of the current observation. FAST with extremely high sensitivity is the ideal device for finding pulsars - its reception area is equivalent to 30 football field sizes.

He also revealed that the next two years, FAST will continue to debug, in order to achieve the design targets, through the national acceptance, to achieve open to domestic and foreign scholars. At the same time, FAST is also expected to find more punctual precision millisecond pulsars.