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The cheap diamond grinding shoe, diamond grinding head, HTC diamond grinding plate, PCD grinding plate, cheap diamond grinding pads supplier from China BOREWAY professional manufacturer

Where can curb stones be used?

Where can curb stones be used? The sharp cutting blade produced by boreway factory has long service life, high efficiency and diamond saw blade, which forms the boundary of curbstone, roadway, sidewalk, green space, isolation belt and other parts of the road.

How to wholesale bush hammer tools?

As one of the few litchi face tool manufacturers in the field of diamond tools in Quanzhou, China, we must continue to innovate and provide standards for technological progress

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Industrial applications of diamond

  • Author:Sherry Huang
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2016-01-19
Diamond drill bits and petroleum geology, drawing dies with diamond abrasive withDIAMOND, Trimming Used diamond, glass cutter with diamond indenter with a diamond, diamond Crafts
If applied to the sound cone, speaker sound quality will be greatly improved.
Use as a chronic poison.
RenaissancePeriod, chronic poison made diamond powder has been popular among Italian giants. When people take the next diamond powder, diamond powder will stick to the stomach, in the long-term friction, will make people get ulcers, stomach bleeding is not treated will die, it is a kind of difficult for people to beware of chronic agents.
It can be made of precious stones.
Due to the high index of refraction diamond, glittering in the light appears to become President favorite gem. Giant diamonds can be priceless. The dark color of the diamond doped higher price. The most expensiveColored diamonds, To the number of light blue with a light blue diamond.
Diamond is divided into a type and type two, which is mainly based on whether it contains N elements: a model containing mainly white to yellowish; II free. The blue diamond is the second B-type, is a semiconductor.