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2016 The 16th China International Motor Expo and Forum in Shanghai New International Expo Cent

  • Author:Peggy.Zhang
  • Source:www.boreway.com
  • Release on:2016-01-19

The 16th China International Motor Expo Development BBC In 2016

In 2016,the 16th China International Motor Expo Development BBC was held in Shanghai ,which last three days from June 14th to 16th.

The Expo continue held by China Machinery Industry Federation, China Electrotechnical Society , China Motor Branch of Mechanical , the Taiwan Electronics Industry Trade Association, National Electrical And Mechanical Parts Product Inspection Center, The Flow of Mechanical And Electronictechnology (Shanghai) Company, Shanghai Crown Exhibition Planning Company. And its whole process also promoted by more than 100professional media. Moreover, the Expo gathered many well-known industry brands, such as ABB, SEW, Siemens, Regal Beloit Electric, NordFX, Wolong Electric, Wande Electric, Dongming, Dayang Motor, Dongyuan Motor, the China North Industries Group Corporation, CSR, Sea ray, Qinfu Motor, Johnson Electric, Wannan Motor, Lanzhou Motor, Dazhong Motor, Sai Limeng Motor, Jiamusi Motor, Xianfeng Motor, Nanyang Motor, Yuandong Motor, Dalian Motor, Hebei Motor, Jinlong Motor, Zhongda Motor, Nanyang Explosion-proof Motor, CEI, TIET, Dasu Motor, Haijin Motor, Minngteng Motor, Harbin Bearing, Dworkin Group, Shanghai Electric Institute and so on.

Nearly 1000 enterprises will attended this Expo, in which ,30000 professional vistors were concluded. It is quite successful motor industry gathering for every seminars held in this Expo gained satisfied achievement.

In this year, Motor Show Hall is changed to be held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center of the Asia's highest, the most popular place. It will continue serving the motor industry and promote the sustainable development of the industry. It makes full use of professional exhibition, trade show "the combination of two exhibitions "; exhibitions, ordering, seminar "three meet one"; manufacturers, distributors, ancillary providers, service providers, "four suppliers gathered " model. In other words, it is characterized by market specific, technical expertise, effectiveness reality, user mass. It has truly become a platform for motor industry to show new products, exchange of new technologies, release new information, develop new opportunities of business.

Welcome to participate in this exhibition, with your support and participation, we will try our best to do related preparation about  professional visitors and purchasers. We are truly hope this exhibition will bring you wonderful experience. 

The six advantages of the Expo:

1, carefully build  of the trade associations

2, professional research institutes’support

3, strong media background and strong campaign

4, overseas cooperation unit’support

5, professional management, human services, aim to achieve the industry brand exhibition

6, colorful exhibition activities, rich spectators resources