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Indian pilots in the cockpit fights led to the aircraft was unmanned control

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Source:www. boreway. com
  • Release on:2018-01-04
JetAid, the largest civilian airline in India, had a farce: a couple of pilots suddenly hit the air during their flight. It was said that the co-pilot was still in charge of driving her daughter and left her cock to leave her cockpit. Fortunately, the final flight containing 324 passengers and 14 crew members arrived safely at their destination.

According to the "Times of India" reported January 3, the farce occurred on January 1, farce occurred on a Boeing 777 Jet Airways. Shortly after the take-off from London to Mumbai, the two pilots clashed in the cockpit, the copilot fanned the woman captain slap in the face, and the captain then cried out of the cockpit.

The crew persuaded and beaten the man's pilot also urged the crew to bring the pilot back, but no effect, and finally said the pilot was out of the cockpit - which led to no one in the cockpit, a serious violation of the flight Safety regulations - and eventually get the female pilot back.

However, the female pilot immediately left with anger as a result of two clashes again. According to sources, for flight safety reasons, the crew requested her return to the cab and direct the aircraft safely to Mumbai. Realizing the concerns of passengers and crew, the Captain returned to the cab again and arrived safely in Mumbai at midnight on the 1st.

A Jet Airways spokesman said despite the conflict in the cockpit, the problem was resolved quickly and the plane arrived safely in Mumbai. The airline has reported the accident to CAAC and has conducted an internal investigation and related personnel have also been suspended. The spokesman said that Jet Airways has always considered safety as the top priority and zero tolerance for employees' behavior that endanger passengers.

The Civil Aviation Administration of India suspended the pilot's pilot's license and investigated the entire incident.