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North Korea and South Korea talks held today at Panmunjom

  • Author:chois.dong
  • Source:www. boreway. com
  • Release on:2018-01-09
North Korea and South Korea will hold high-level talks with North Korea at the Peace House on the Korean side of Panmunjom on the 9th. Since the New Year, both sides have demonstrated their positive attitude and have rarely hit the scenes on the venue, date of the talks, candidates for the delegation, and so on.
    Analysts believe that the positive attitude of both the DPRK and the ROK has released the signal of warming the Korean Peninsula in winter, and both parties can "increase points" from the improvement of their relations.
    On the 7th, both North Korea and South Korea informed each other about the delegation members of the talks and dispatched experienced veterans to the North-South talks. The delegation of South Korea, headed by Zhao Ming, the unified minister, also includes the deputy minister of the unified department, the second officer of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the chamber of the state premier, the planning office of the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games and the Paralympic Games Long 4 people.
    The DPRK side led a delegation led by Li Shanquan, chairman of the Peaceful Unification Commission of the motherland. Members of the delegation also include the vice chairman of the Peaceful Unification Commission of the motherland, deputy director of the Sports Province, minister of the Peaceful Unification Commission of the motherland, and member of the National Olympic Committee.
    Zhao Mingjun is experienced in the field of exchange and consultation between the two Koreas and has played an important role in the two summit meetings between the two Koreas and in the Kai Industrial Park. In the unified ministry, he has the title of "witness for inter-Korean cooperation." Li Shanquan has repeatedly led the DPRK delegation to participate in negotiations on military affairs since 2006, becoming the "outpost" of the peninsula affairs.
    On the North Korea-ROK talks, U.S. President Trump said on the 6th that China is willing to conduct a conditional dialogue with Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, and hope that the talks between South and North Koreas will be out of the Olympic Games.
    Analysts believe that both North Korea and South Korea hold a positive attitude toward the talks because both sides can get "extra points" through dialogue. At the same time, both sides hope that the two sides will lead the talks. To achieve win-win situations, wisdom and patience are still required. In addition, the key issue of the peninsula is the DPRK-U.S. Relations. The U.S. opinion is of great importance.
    Zheng Jiyong, director of the Korea Research Center of Korea at Fudan University, believes that North Korea hopes to seize the window of opportunity and lead the process of the talks, so as to gain an edge in the follow-up negotiations. In addition, if North Korea can participate in the PyeongMing Winter Olympics, it expects through the excellent performance at the Olympic Winter Games, fight for economic aid to ease the international pressure.
    Wang Junsheng, an associate researcher at the Institute of Asia Pacific and Global Strategic Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, holds that the South Korean government is cautiously optimistic about the talks and hopes that the talks will lead the situation on the peninsula toward relaxation, improve the inter-Korean relations and enhance its influence in the development of the Korean Peninsula. At the same time to consolidate the regime for the administration plus points.

    To truly solve the problem of the peninsula, can not do without the United States, the immediate party. For Trump's position, Wang Junsheng believes that this does not mean that the United States "turned to" the DPRK policy. The core of the dialogue between the United States and North Korea is the denuclearization of the peninsula, provided that North Korea suspends its nuclear research and development. Zheng Ji-yong also believes that for North Korea, the breakthrough point of the DPRK nuclear issue should be concentrated in the direction of the DPRK-US relations. The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is only a "starter dish" for alleviating the situation on the Korean Peninsula and the time is not yet for a true "big meal."