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How to maintain diamond drill daily?

  • Author:Dora Zhang
  • Release on:2020-03-26

Diamond bit has speed when drilling in soft-medium hard formations Fast, more footage, long life, stable work, fewer downhole accidents, good well quality and so on. Diamond bit is not only used for a long time, but also can be reused. The diamond bit returned to the factory for repair and use The diamond drill bits used in the factory have similar effects, which can save a lot of drilling costs.

Diamond Core Drill Bits For Stone form Boreway

1. The drill should be checked immediately for any unfavorable conditions such as damage and passivation. If necessary, it should be ground and trimmed immediately.

2. The drill bit should be seated when stored, so it is convenient and time-saving when it is retrieved in the future, saving time to find the drill bit again.

3. When drilling through-holes, when the bite is about to penetrate through the barrier, the rough force is the largest, so at this time, the soft and light pressure is used to slowly advance the knife, so that the bit is twisted first due to excessive force.

4. Before drilling, you must first hit the center point. The purpose is to accommodate static Avoid the bottom of the drill bit statically, and guide the drill bit in the correct drilling position

5. When drilling, fully use cutting and pay attention to chip removal.

6. When drilling cross holes, drill large diameter holes first, then small holes,

7. The phenomenon of broken or abrupt stop during drilling may be caused by too fast feeding, sharpening or rapid cooling when drilling.

8.Drilling breaks the center of the drill bit, which may be caused by too small clearance angle of the lip of the drill bit, too fast feed of the drill bit, passivation, too much pressure, lack of cooling, and poor position of the drill bit or workpiece

9. The drill bit breaks during drilling, it may be that the clearance angle of the drill lip is too small or the drilling speed is too high, the feed is large or the drill bit is passivated, and the pressure cutting is continued.

10. The cutting edge is broken during drilling. It may be caused by hard spots in the workpiece material or too fast feeding. The drilling speed is not selected properly.

11. The lip and cutting edge are broken, which may be due to too fast advance or too small clearance angle of the lip

12. The drilled hole diameter is too large, which may be caused by the unequal length of the two cutting edges or the unequal half-angle deviation of the two drill crowns, and the poor concentricity of the spindle.

13. Only one chip is ejected during drilling, which may be caused by unequal lengths of the two cutting edges or unequal half-angle deviation of the drill crown, and poor spindle concentricity.

14. The squeaking sound during drilling may be caused by the hole not being straight or the drill bit being passivated.

15. Abnormal changes in chip properties during drilling may be caused by passivation or breakage of cutting edges

Diamond Core Drill Bits For Stone form Boreway

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